Growing Ad Market in Australia

Australia’s Expanding Advertising Market: What’s Driving the Growth?

Growing Ad Market in AustraliaAustralia’s advertising landscape is going big on cash. Recent news reports say that advertising agencies will see an impressive growth in profit in the next five years.

Experts explain that the local market is set for an increase of 4.1 percent to $13.7 billion in 2015, despite the low demand for advertising in the metropolitan television market. What’s driving this growth? Digital advertising.

Strengthened Digital Advertising

Australia ranks eighth on the list of largest advertising markets and biggest on per-capita basis.

According to experts from advertising agencies, the country’s expenditure on internet display and classified, paid search and mobile platforms reached 13.4 percent to $5.7 billion.

Over the years, digital advertising has proven that it has the most influence across all types of channels. It has beaten traditional media such as radio, print and TV. For instance, it expanded at a rate of 20 percent in the period between June 2011 to June 2012, surpassing the growth rate of other channels.

The top online advertising segment was search advertising, which delivered a lift of 23 percent in 2013. Next would be the online general advertising, which increased 12 percent. The online classifieds grew to 11 percent, while online directories saw a 4 percent growth.

Experts say that search advertising will continue to surpass the other three major online segments from 2015 until 2018.

The Fastest Growing Segment

As expected, the fastest growing segments in the Australian online advertising industry are mobile and online video. These two segments are set to dominate the market in the next five years. Experts say that mobile advertising will grow at a Compound Annual Growth Rate (CAGR) of 39 percent next year between this year until 2018. Video advertising, on the other hand, will grow at 31%.

With mobile and social media usage becoming more prominent, digital advertising in Australia will continue to gain strength. Experts forecast that it will outperform traditional channels with a CAGR of 12% in the next five years.

Brisbane Tramways

A Travel Guide to Queensland: Time-travel for the Weekend

Brisbane TramwaysQueensland is home to many amusing and insightful historical events. For history lovers, the state affords an effortless time-travel way back 19th century. For a weekend full of reminiscing and learning, here are the places to fit in the itinerary.

  1. Brisbane Tramway Museum

Located at the Ferny Grove, the transportation museum displays trams and trolleybuses operated in Brisbane from 1897 to 1969.

  1. Boggo Road Gaol

Boggo Road Gaol is Queensland’s oldest surviving prison. The prison closed in 1992 while Brisbane’s women correctional continued operating until 2002. It is now a museum, which conducts ghost tours.


Arthur “Slim” Halliday, the Houdini of Boggo Road, murderer and escape artist twice escaped from the prison. The first time he got off through the blindspot in the prison wall by rope, and the second was through the same wall, now called “Halliday’s Leap”. He was caught after manhunts and confined under strict watch.

  1. Newstead House

This Victorian house is the oldest residence on the Breakfast Creek bank. Originally a Colonial-Georgian cottage in 1846, it contains memories of political families and of World War II when it was occupied by American soldiers. It is now a museum managed by Newstead House Board of Trustees and Friends of Newstead.

  1. Samford District Historical Museum

The historical museum contains memorabilia, heirlooms and bulding styles of between 19th and 20th centuries. It also holds the Toy Museum and a rebuilt 1872 school room and other items showing the early Queensland life. The Samford Museum opened in 1986 and displays collections dating from 1977 and earlier.

  1. Museum of Brisbane

The museum displays a collection of over 5,000 artworks and artifacts from 1859 onwards. It is located in Brisbane City Hall, King George Square.

  1. The Regatta Hotel

To cap the night off, a heritage-listed hotel near the Brisbane River is the place to go. The Regatta Hotel, established in 1874, boasts a good view of the river and Toowong suburb. As it has been classified as Queensland Heritage Register and entered into the Register of the National Estate of Australian Heritage Commission, it preserves the 19th century Queenslander architecture while updating its features with modern bars and nightclubs.


In 1965, two women protested against Queensland’s restriction of public bars to men only. They chained themselves to the bar until they were served beers. Years later, Rosalie Bognor and Merle Thornton, mother of actress Sigrid Thornton , will inspire change of laws regarding women’s rights. In commemoration of this gallantry, one of Regatta’s bars is named after Merle.

construction services

Success in Construction: It’s All About Communication

construction servicesClear and efficient communication is a key ingredient in successful and safe construction projects. The industry operates using technical language and in an adversarial culture, making it essential to integrate good communication from project inception to closeout. understands how challenging it is to nurture good communication in construction worksites. The special challenges in the environment, including interactions of unfamiliar groups of people make efficient communication somewhat difficult.

Below is the basic concept of clear communication in construction.

Communication Difficulties

There are plenty of reasons communications in construction fail. The lack of understanding or a clear objective is one of the major causes of difficulties. This can lead to message uncertainty and confusion. Perception and attitude problems, including noise or lack of suitable communications media are other barriers to good communication.

These difficulties make it even more important to consider the design of communication flow in the organisation. It is important to understand the communication challenges within the industry to address them accordingly. Regularly scheduled project meetings will also help facilitate organised and cost-effective completion of the project.

Responsibility and Coordination

The site owner, designer, project manager, and general contractor are responsible for effective project communication. This should be thought-out during teamwork discussions and initial contract negotiation. Pre-construction conference can help develop communication channels for subcontractors, inspectors, and construction workers, and avoid miscommunication between projects.

Coordination about the project’s progress should be discussed regularly during scheduled meetings. It is the responsibility of the general contractor to monitor and coordinate the work of all employees to ensure compliance with the project schedule. All project parties should put in the time and effort to develop an effective system for communication and successfully implement the process.

The Issue in Construction

Communication can either strengthen a project or lead to failure. This is why it is important to ensure active participation in all parties. It is possible that a good communication system can fail without worker involvement. Conflicts should be settled beforehand to avoid disruption.

Without efficient communication, it would be impossible for companies and firms to deliver quality and outstanding work. Good communication is essential for successful achievement of goals, including performance, productivity and profitability. More significantly, this is crucial for a safe and healthy workplace.

acquiring car loan

Five Easy Steps to Get Your Car Loan Approved

acquiring car loanFirst time car buyers often have no clue about the whole process. Most often, they have trouble getting their loans approved because of simple technicalities they could otherwise have worked around. These five quick and easy steps will help you get your car loan approved without frills or difficulties:

Step One: Checking Credit

Your credit score is perhaps the single most important determining factor of which cars you can and cannot have. Central Auto Sales explained that even though this may sound basic to those who have purchased cars before, first-time buyers may not realize the full extent of their credit score’s importance.

Step Two: Choosing Payment

Make it a point to set a number that you can realistically afford. This means a comfortable number that you can pay on a monthly basis without having to tighten up your belt too much. When you figure that out, you can simply use a loan calculator to determine how much you can spend as a whole.

Step Three: Pre-Approval

Pre-approvals are like having a blank check with which you can buy your car. These are good for only a particular amount of time and only up to a specific amount of money. Shopping around is the only way to get the best deal available to get the financing you need.

Step Four: Choosing Your Car

You can finally get serious about your car shopping once you get your pre-approval. This way, you can focus all your efforts solely on finding the best deals available instead of having to deal with the financing at the same time.

Step Five: Finalizing the Deal

After you choose your car, you can then proceed to the financing department. Often, you will get offers for add-ons. Research thoroughly, so you do not end up buying accessories you do not need. All that is left after the sale is for you to pay the monthly dues as you drive off.

Getting a first auto loan can feel a bit overwhelming. With these quick and easy steps, you can smooth make the process more convenient. Keep these tips in mind and you can roll right out of the showroom in your dream car soon.

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Low Cost Advertising Ideas with High Rewards

low cost advertisingA common mistake among small businesses hoping to rise up in the ranks is having the mentality of using leftover resources for advertising purposes. This puts them in a bind because a lack of funding to get them enough leverage in the advertising world. Without it, a business may not have enough room to grow.

This does not imply that you should pool a good majority of your resources into adverts alone. Allocate enough to give your business the start it needs. With enough planning and precise implementation, you will grow your small business into a major force in your market.

Advertising firm lists these low-cost advertising ideas to boost start-up businesses with high end results:

Place Ads During “Off-Hours”

Focus on more affordable spots. The same holds true for billboards and unusual locations. You can reach a wider audience than you would think with these spots. You can move to primetime as you progress and business gets bigger.

Spread Out Your Ad Campaign

Instead of pooling all your resources in a single major campaign, it would be advisable to spend it on smaller ads spread out on a wider time span. This way, you get to have longer visibility and have enough time to leave a mark on the consumers.

Tap the Power of Social Media

Online presence is of vital importance in today’s world. It is the medium with the widest reach and the best part about it is it is free. In addition to gaining market prominence, you can utilise social media for faster, better customer relations thereby enhancing your image as a customer-friendly business. Remember that the less business you have coming in, the more you need to advertise.

Most start-up businesses often make the costly mistake of putting all their eggs in one basket and pooling all the little resources they have in one go. You need not spend a big portion of your start-up capital on costly advertising campaigns. With these low cost ideas, you can spread your resources and still gain great results.

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Life Hacks When Living in Melbourne

living melbourneWhether you are heading to Melbourne on a career break or you simply want to live there, you know that the city is the place to be. With all the employment opportunities, the luxurious lifestyle, and the easy-to-reach facilities, it is indeed one of the greatest cities in the world.

Coming up with a list of all the must-see places in Melbourne is easy. After all, you have guidebooks and online resources helping you along the way. What is more difficult is knowing some insider information about Melbourne—how to live like a local, and how to make your life easier in the city.

Here are some life hacks you might need:

Slap on the Sunscreen; Bring Warm Clothes, Too

It might seem contradictory to bring a coat and at the same time a sunscreen, but hey—this is Melbourne. Locals love to say that their city experiences four seasons in one day, but that’s just an exaggeration. The weather is unpredictable, though: it alternates between rain and sunshine more than twenty times per day.

It’s best to never go around the city without sunscreen, sunglasses, an umbrella, and some extra layers of clothing. It may be super hot in the morning, but that doesn’t mean it can’t be super cold later in the afternoon.

Don’t Rent; Buy a Home

You may never want to leave the city, even after fifty years of living in it. Melbourne has a way of weaving itself to the heart and not letting go. So it is best to find a special place to reside permanently.

You can find lots of great properties in the city. Simply browse sites like for new housing estates and communities.

Make the Most of the Coffee Culture

There is nothing more exciting about Melbourne than the availability of great coffee in every corner of the city. The choices might even overwhelm you; some are not even your typical coffee.

Instead of the usual cappuccino and latte, try a flat white (a mix of espresso and steamed milk). If the weather is quite hot, go for iced coffee, which typically comes with ice cream and whipped cream over espresso on ice.

Do these things and you’ll surely have a happy, easy life in your new found home. The city has lots to offer, so make the most of it!

Right Retirement Community

How to Choose the Right Retirement Community

Right Retirement CommunityRetirement is inevitable, but this doesn’t mean your life is on hold after you retire. In fact, there are still many bright opportunities waiting for you. You can meet new friends, participate in activities, or join an event. Choose the best community you’re most comfortable with.

To help you out, here are some tips from Twin Lakes Community:

Ask for referrals

If there is someone who can point you to the right community, it is probably among your family and friends. You may know someone who has moved to a retirement community. Ask them about their experience. Weigh the pros and cons. There are two options: independent living residences and assisted living. Choose the best option that can accommodate your needs.

Make a detailed checklist

Make a list of everything you want and check the conveniences included. Keep in mind that each retirement community has its own culture. Do you prefer a more relaxed setting, or an upscale environment? What activities are you looking for? Do you want more privacy? Compare the retirement community from other places and choose the community that ensures more comfort.

Browse online

Most retirement communities have a website. Take some time to read more information about their community. Check out the photos, description of their senior-living options, facilities, and other services.

Set your budget

Make sure you’re updated with your finances including your financial statements, stock portfolios, and mortgage policies to help you narrow down your options. Compute your monthly income and the cost of living in the retirement communities you’re considering. This should include the entrance fee, recurring monthly fee, and other expenses.

Moving to a senior community can be really difficult. It can be really tough to be separated with your loved ones. It may take some time to adjust, but you just need to consider your priorities. Move forward and look at the bright future ahead of you.


Facing the Inevitable of Getting Through a Divorce

DivorceNone of us can really prepare for life’s  unfortunate situations, including divorce. When you’ve exhausted all  efforts to patch things up yet you still end up facing the inevitable, you have no choice but to simply find a good divorce lawyer.

According to the Affordable Divorce Center, getting a divorce is more complicated than you might think. It covers a multitude of issues and only a lawyer can help you go through the entire proceedings.

Get things in order

Regardless of the reason for the divorce, hiring a lawyer is the first step that you have to take. Think about asking a friend or relative for referrals. This way, you can be sure that you are working with a lawyer you can trust and who’s not simply after the money.

Full disclosure

Be prepared to disclose your financial status and to gather all of the necessary documents. Have a detailed record of your financial separation ready as well.  Any joint bank and credit card accounts should already be closed by this time. If there are joint bills that remain after the divorce proceedings, make sure to arrange for equitable measures.

Filing in court

Your attorney will take care of filing the divorce case and handle all the legal requirements. They will explain to you what to expect as you wait for the proceedings. You don’t have to worry about all the paperwork. Shift your focus on your needs and your children’s, if you have any.

You may have to communicate with your soon-to-be ex-spouse at this time. At all costs, avoid getting into arguments with the other party. This will only hurt you both. Your situation is stressful enough as it is, so try to ease the tension and keep your calm. Being steady and prepared also puts you in a much stronger mental state to handle your situation and helps you make better decisions.

Depression from Diabetes

The Bitter Emotional Effects of Diabetes

Depression from DiabetesFor diabetics, managing emotional health is as crucial as maintaining healthy blood sugar levels. Research suggests that Type 2 Diabetes not only increases the risk for physical complications such as cardiovascular diseases, vision and hearing impairment, and nerve damage, but also causes emotional health problems.

Experts say that older people with diabetes are the most vulnerable to anxiety disorders or depression.

The Link Between Diabetes and Depression

Studies show that older people with Type 2 Diabetes experience hormonal imbalances that make them susceptible to emotional health problems. Patients with uncontrollably high sugar levels have high amounts of interleukin-6, a pro-inflammatory non-antibody protein. The substance is closely linked to depression. Experts say that lack of physical activity and poor diet aggravates diabetes, thus increasing the risk of emotional health problems. Because of this, medical researchers say it’s necessary for health care practitioners to address diabetes and depression at the same time.

Burden of Self-Care

A huge part of managing diabetes involves self-care—monitoring diet, being consistent with physical activities, observing blood sugar levels, and taking medications. When patients become depressed, they fail to follow these self-care habits. It’s tougher for diabetic patients who choose to live alone. This is why experts recommend getting home help, as these professionals do not just assist with disease management, but also offer emotional support. They provide education and support, allowing patients to sustain independence and live better.

Importance of Family Support

Aside from residential nurses, family and friends also play a crucial role in encouraging diabetic patients to be consistent in terms of caring for themselves. Research explains that even small social support networks results in positive reinforcement for diabetics. Some patients tend to withdraw from others and isolate themselves. When a family initiates involvement in a patient’s struggle, the diabetic realises that they are not alone. They will take good care of themselves, knowing that family and friends want them to be better.

Diabetes does not just take a toll on the physical health of individuals, but also their emotional well-being. For older people with diabetes, depression steals the possibility of living a fuller life. With diligence in observing self-care habits and support from health care practitioners and family and friends, however, patients will continue living a happier life even with diabetes.

dental services

Restoring Your Smile and Confidence with Dental Implants

dental servicesSmiling with confidence is not a problem for people with broken or missing teeth. All they need are dental implants. Apart from replacing your old pearly whites, dental implants can also restore the dental structure as well as your facial musculature. would recommend dental implants depending on the strength and mass of your jawbone. The entire process involves the following:

The Implant Procedure

A small titanium post is placed into the bone socket of the missing tooth. After that, the jawbone should heal and grow around this implanted metal post. This allows the post to stay in place securely.

The Healing Period

This usually takes around six to 12 weeks. Once the implant and the jawbone bond together, a small connector post or abutment is attached to the previous post. Then, the replacement tooth is attached to the abutment. To keep the implant from look in gout of place, the dentist will match the colour of the replacement with that of your natural teeth. When the implant is placed securely, the new tooth will look, feel, and work as if it’s the real thing.

Regular care and maintenance

For the first few days, ease the swelling by applying an ice pack to the implant area. Taking pain relievers can help reduce the pain and discomfort. For the next few weeks, stay away from hard foods. Avoid spicy and acidic foods too. Your dentist will also advise you to stop drinking alcohol and smoking during this period.

During the first year, you may be scheduled for three to four checkups. This is to check your jawbone and the implant’s condition. Following the first year, you will have to undergo follow-up treatments and cleaning procedures. Remember to maintain proper oral hygiene. As always, brush and floss regularly.

Dental implants offer a permanent solution to tooth loss. Compared to dentures, these dental appliances are durable and don’t need adhesives. More importantly, they feel more comfortable and look more natural. It’s like you never lost your teeth at all.