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The Significance of Search Engine Marketing

search engine marketingSearch engines started appearing at the early stages of the Internet’s rise to prominence in the 1990s. This was due to the need to find and access information in a quick manner. A few search engine platforms such as Google and Yahoo! rose in standing eventually.

In time, the Internet has become a prime platform for information gathering, but also for effective marketing. Products and services need proper and adequate marketing for companies that provide them to profit. This makes Search Engine Marketing a business necessity, as explained by In North America alone, advertisers spend billions of dollars each year for search engine marketing purposes. It is a continuously growing industry, which is depended upon by many businesses.

Search Engine Marketing is Essential

When consumers are engaged in the search process, it makes them more open to the power of suggestion. This is where Search Engine Marketing holds a great amount of value. Good marketing has a way of transcending platforms. One platform that cannot be neglected is the search engine platform.

SEM is a discipline with a much wider aspect compared to Search Engine Optimization (SEO), which it may use. The four cornerstones of search engine marketing are keyword research and analysis, website saturation and popularity, back end tools, and the query response protocol who is tools.

SERPs is the Ultimate Destination

You have to be aware of where you stand in the search engines. Having the competition outrank you is not something you can afford in business; you always have to be in the top tier. Marketing leaders pointed out that higher visibility means higher clicks and higher conversions.

Good marketing does not have to cost a fortune, though. In fact, it is very much affordable, and investing in it gives you many benefits. It is a common misconception that effective marketing strategies can only be employed by the big industry players.

With the right approach, even small businesses can compete with big ones through effective Search Engine Marketing techniques.On the other hand, bad marketing is costly not only for monetary reasons, but also because it wastes time and resources that would have been better used in other aspects of business.

Christmas cards on the mantel

Where did that Card come from?

Christmas cards on the mantelExchanging cards for special occasions is a tradition that has a lukewarm following. Giving someone a card for his or her birthday, anniversary, or Valentine’s Day is seen as a sign of thoughtfulness. Unfortunately, it’s also considered as a last resort for people who have no idea what else to get the people they’re giving them to.

The marketing and advertising industries were more than happy to take advantage of this tradition to make a profit. But unlike some holidays manufactured in order to sell products, the act of exchanging cards actually existed as a real tradition before capitalism took hold.

Historians disagree on the exact where and when exchanging cards actually started, since it’s incredibly difficult to find evidence of handwritten well wishes more than a hundred years old. Cards deteriorate, go figure. Fortunately, there are records of the tradition starting across the pond as early as the 1800s.

According to the records, the idea started with Sir Henry Cole, a man who was fond of sending well-wishing notes to his friends, family, and acquaintances during Christmas. It’s said that his persistent wish to spread Christmas cheer to the people he knew prompted the development of the Christmas card.

The story goes that there came a time in Sir Henry Cole’s life, when he simply had too many friends and family that he couldn’t write them all for Christmas. To solve his problem, Sir Henry hired the services of John Calcott Horsely to design some cards with his Christmas wishes on them.

Apparently, Sir Henry Cole’s idea was a big hit with his friends and family, because everyone else did the same thing the following Christmas. The practice invariably spread to other special occasions, eventually every gathering known to humanity isn’t somehow complete without at least one person giving or receiving a card.

The popularity of this tradition is a godsend to companies like, which not only make Christmas cards, but also print well wishes for everything from baby showers to baptisms. The creative mind that started the tradition long ago would have been proud by how widespread and strong his idea has become through the years.

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Taking Philanthropy to the Next Level: Tips on Securing Corporate Sponsorships

Helping hand - helping a child flatten clayEvery not-for-profit organisation hopes for the best the moment they send out their written pitches to their prospective sponsors. The pressure and the excitement double up when you’re eyeing a corporate sponsor. You realise that pitching to them should be done more carefully. Otherwise, you miss out on having a reputable financial backer that will surely prove helpful in pursuing your philanthropic endeavours.

Fundraising is not a piece of cake. It may require you to wear different hats. For instance, you will have to work as a marketer to attract sponsors and act as an accounts executive to make sure that they will continue providing support. According to the group, Entertainment Industries, one of the UK’s most recognised organisers of entertainment and charitable events, you need to streamline your pitches and spot the right sponsor to make sure that you’re going to receive something in the end.

Here are some other tips that will help you secure corporate sponsorships.

Know Your Organisation’s Strengths

You ought to build your brand, and one way to do it successfully is to put your assets at the frontline. This means that you have to show your prospects all the projects your organisation had initiated in the past. Create a portfolio that includes pictures, letters, testimonials, and some case studies for your prospective sponsors’ perusal.

Use Social Media

The big brands you’re aiming for are already on the social media. Follow them there and start professional interactions. Or better yet, focus on improving your organisation’s social media pages so that they will appear on news feeds and will be difficult to ignore.

Contact Your Media Friends

If you maintain a network in the media industry, you’re lucky. Contact them and let them have your organisation’s appeal publicised. Press releases and infomercials are an effective way to promote your organisation without becoming too blatant and obvious.

Of course, you should not forget the agreement. This will ensure fairness for both parties. It may also include the promotional conditions for the sponsors. Furthermore, when you initiate to draft a comprehensive agreement, you’re giving the sponsors an impression that your organisation is professional.


Frequently Asked Questions on Planning a Subdivision

SubdivisionPlanning a subdivision is a major undertaking and investment. In Brisbane, contractors and developers need to follow processes and meet a range of requirements when subdividing land.

Here are some frequently asked questions on subdivisions:

What process should I follow to receive an approval for a one into two subdivisions?

Under Schedule 18 of the Sustainable Planning Regulation, you need to undergo a compliance assessment process for one into two subdivisions in industrial and residential zones. This provision applies only to Character Residential, Low-Density, Low-medium Density Residential, High Density Residential and Medium Density Residential areas. You also need compliance assessment when developing on a General Industry, Light Industry, Future Industry and Extractive Industry area.

Can I create a lot as small as 350 square metres to retain a shed or outbuilding under the subdivision Code?

The subdivision code only allows you to retain houses, not outbuildings, sheds or carports. When retaining a house, it should be on the larger allotment. The code helps developers retain existing properties that are too large for a standard small lot. According to McFadyen Group, you can have new lots as small as 350 square metres, but not existing ones.

What process do I need to follow when subdividing and creating lots smaller than 10 hectares on an Environmental Protection Area or rural land?

You need to apply for Impact Assessable Generally Inappropriate Development. All projects under this category will be evaluated using the City Plan. In your proposal, you need to show that there is an economic, social or environmental need to develop in this area and that no other areas will be able to meet these needs.

Can subdivisions be staged?

Yes. During your application, you need to show each stage of the development. Once you meet all the requirements, you will receive the initial approval for the overall subdivision plan. The government will assess your proposal to make sure that drainages, basic services and roads will function properly at any stage of the project.

It’s challenging to develop a subdivision, especially on an environmental Protection Area.  Avoid problems and unnecessary headaches by meeting all the requirements and following the right application processes.

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How Can a Clean Environment Benefit a Business?

One thing a lot of customers take for granted about commercial facilities is their cleanliness. Oftentimes, people only notice them when they are not clean. They are not to blame, though, because it’s the responsibility of the space owner to observe cleanliness at all times. If you have a business, whatever it is, cleanliness is something you must never take for granted.

As a business owner, you may have more important things in mind than keeping premises clean. Meetings with the board, other entrepreneurs, your staff or clients can be stressful enough. This is why hiring a commercial cleaning company to keep your space clean may be necessary. Below is a brief discussion from Aaron’s Rubbish Removal about the benefits of hiring external help:

Chef preparing a dishPositive First Impressions

Many new customers will visit your business every day. What if they find your place dirty and leave dissatisfied? New customers can judge you based only on first impressions. Why not present them with a clean environment to leave a good image? You may even gain referrals from them.

No Health Issues

Dust and dirt can easily make your employees and customers susceptible to illnesses. Allergies and breathing problems are just minor problems you can avoid by getting help from cleaning professionals. After all, prevention is always better than cure.

Happy and Satisfied Staff

Apart from satisfied customers, a clean environment will also boost your employees’ satisfaction. Working in a clean and safe environment gives your staff reassurance that you care for their well-being. This results in happier and more productive employees.

Hiring a professional cleaning company really does make a positive difference. Find one with an impressive track record, good credibility, and complete cleaning tools. It’s a small investment that will provide your customers and employees a safe place to enjoy.

Tom Khai Gai soup

It’s Good for the Soul: the Secrets to Making Delicious Soup

Tom Khai Gai soupWhen you wake up to a cold morning and everything feels light, fine, and idyllic, a hot bowl of soup is more than enough to sustain that good mood. The first spoonful has a different kind of warmth that engulfs you and leaves you smiling. A good soup, though, is not just about simmering meats, bones, and aromatics in hot water. Although it is usually prepared quickly, there’s a certain art involved in the whole cooking process.

Forget the canned soup from the grocery for a while and look into the following techniques that will make homemade soups more scrumptious and special.

Stock Up!

A hearty soup depends on a good base, which is usually the stock. If you choose to make homemade stock, make sure it isn’t too salty. Dilute it with more water if the taste is too strong. The same goes for stock bought from deli stores. Other than water, you can enhance the flavor by adding wine or milk.

Mind the Consistency

The soup’s consistency affects its being palatable. Milk and corn starch can do the trick. You can also use potato flakes, according to American Key Food Products, in case you want a thick and pulpy consistency.

Discard Usual Ingredients

For soup with a natural and unified taste, it’s better to discard some of the ingredients you usually incorporate. For instance, veer away from broccoli, cauliflower, and similar veggies. These ingredients tend to give soup a grassy and earthy flavor, and sometimes make it a bit bitter. You can serve them separately, but make sure they’re blanched and tender, so as to complement the lightness and heartiness of the soup.

Go For Roasted Parts

Some people like their soup tasting smoky and roasted. If this is your preference, you may roast some of your ingredients before simmering them. Roast bones, vegetables, and primary ingredients necessary for creating the broth. Make sure not to burn anything, or else your base will taste bitter.

One more tip: if you can help it, always save salt and pepper for last. When you do add some, you have full control on how your soup will taste.

Water cooler

4 Sure-Fire Signs You Need to Replace Your Water Filters

For many Australians, the most precious resource today is not gold; it is clean water. It holds far more value than other resources now, as modern families are beginning to put more importance to health and well-being. It makes sense that almost all households in the country have water filtration systems to meet their daily need for a clean water supply.

It does not mean, though, that you have to be complacent when you already have one in your home. Filtered water coolers need to be replaced regularly to make the most of their benefits. Fortunately, it is easy to know when to buy another set of water filters, as filtration systems usually have service cycles.

Take a look at the following signs you need to change filters soon:

The water reeks of stale odour

Water coolerAccording to health experts, you need to change water filters because, in time, the pores will get clogged with debris. The debris will accumulate and contaminate the water, which is often the reason the water gives off a stale smell. When it comes at that point, dispose of the filter immediately.

The water tastes strange or unpleasant

If at first you cannot get a whiff of the stale odour, you can have a sip and see if the water tastes strange already. When it does, it means the filter media is already filled with impurities. Better change the filters before someone else in your family gets sick.

The water has a faint taint

Water that comes out from worn out filters usually gives off yellowish taint. It becomes heavier in hue the longer you wait to replace it. So, as soon as you notice a change in colour in your drinking water, it is best to bring out your reserve water filters.

Water flow is slightly impeded

Another sure-fire sign that you need to look for quality water filters is a slow flow of water. The change is quite dramatic, and you will be able to spot it immediately. This usually depends on how frequent you use your water system. In other words, the more often you use the water filter, the sooner the filter gets clogged with impurities.

It pays to have a water filtration system that is in good, full condition. Do not take chances with filters that have served their cycles. For good measure, make sure you have a stock of extra filters, so you have a reserved supply in case of an emergency.


One-Camera Production: Shooting with a Single Camera

cameraMovie production studios and network news channels use multiple camera shots to record video segments. In most cases, cameras are placed in various areas of a location to capture different angles and give the viewers a distinct perspective and variety.

If you don’t have multiple camcorders, however, you can still produce a video with good quality. DSLR Pros shares a few tricks in shooting with a single camera.

Camera Placement

Evaluate your filming location and look for an angle that fits the tone of the scene. If you’re shooting a dramatic scene, look for an angle that can capture the gestures of your characters. Make sure to put the camera with a clear sight of the scene that you are filming.

Multiple Shots

To acquire many shots of the same sequence with a single camera, do it multiple times. There is no other way to capture movements from different angles. Determine how many angles you want to acquire and create a sequence. Ask your characters to perform the same scene a few times to get your preferred angles.

Shooting Fixed and Moving Scenes

Your video or film may usually involve fixed and moving scenes. You can use a fixed camera if actors remain in the same area for the scene. You can use a handheld or moving camera according to your preferred style and vision of the scene.

Shooting Scenes

When shooting with a single-camera setup, you may want to shoot your scenes according to the script. According to Cyber College, it is advisable to shoot all scenes with specific actors as close together in time as possible, regardless of the script sequence. Moreover, shoot all scenes you need in a specific location, so you will not have to set up and organize the set several times.

With little tricks and careful preparation, you can produce a good video using a single camera. Follow these tips from DSLR Pros and make sure to use a high-quality camera.


Breast Implants: After-Surgery Results

womanThe results of breast implant surgery may vary depending on different conditions. The appearance of your breast after the procedure may be affected by your skin texture, age, general health, and ability to heal. Specialist Cosmetic Surgery cites a few things you can expect after the surgery:

Look and Feel of the Breast

After the surgery, you may feel worried that your implant will look unnatural. This is just normal, as your breast will likely feel quite rigid. You may sense a few changes in how your breasts feel as well. You may think that some of the areas of your breasts are more or less sensitive. You do not have to worry, though; the implant will feel and look more natural after a few months.

Implants and Breastfeeding

Breast implants should not stop you from breastfeeding. In some cases, you may produce less breast milk than you normally would. If you have implants and you decide to breastfeed, your baby will not experience any side effects.

Risk of Breast Cancer

While there is no scientific evidence that breast implant can increase your risk of developing breast cancer, it is important to attend screening appointments. Breast cancer screening involves women aged 50 to 74. Visit your doctor as well if you experience something unusual with your breasts.

Flying after Surgery

Contrary to popular belief, flyingis not dangerous for those with breast implants. The possibility of splitting or rupturing is not increased, as the implants will not be placed under additional strain. It is best, however, to stay at home of near your surgeon’s clinic for the first week of your implant recovery. If you plan to travel afterward, consult your surgeon first.

It is important to make an informed decision about having breast implant surgery. Set realistic expectations as well to make sure that you will be happy with the results of the operation.

US Reaper

US Considers Requests To Use Media Drones

US authorities said they are considering giving permission to movie and television filming companies to use drones for aerial photography, raising hopes to lift the ban on commercial use of unmanned aircraft.

Permit widespread drone use

US ReaperThe Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) said there may be “tangible economic benefits,” but warned that safety precautions must be “mitigated.”

Seven companies have filed petitions to receive exemptions to the agency’s ban on commercial use of drones.

Currently, no commercial drone flights are allowed in the United States.

Safety regulations

To receive exemptions, the business must show their drone operations will not harm safety and would be in the public interest.

Many companies have been trying hard to be permitted to use drones, which is more affordable to operate than manned aircraft.

The FAA, however, is concerned as the country has some of the busiest airspace worldwide.

The agency wants to be sure that drones be included in the current commercial and military traffic.

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