Kinetic typography

What’s the Hype about Kinetic Type?

Kinetic typographyAnimated typography, better known in post-production circles as kinetic type or moving text, is a popular animation technique. Given its many uses and how effective it is, it’s not that difficult to see why editors and post-prod specialists use it so frequently. It is visually pleasing and can deliver loads of information in a matter seconds; if video content can kill two birds with one stone, then moving typography is a giant rolling boulder.

Post-production specialists involved in videography benefit from the integration of kinetic type into any body of work. If you are new to the industry or are still exploring the ins and outs of it all, it’s important to learn how moving text works as early as possible. Here are some of the other reasons to use moving text on your next project:

Kinetic Text Drives Home the Point

Animated typography is best if your goal is to drive a point home. Statements animated stylistically make a bigger impact and leave a lasting impression on all viewers. Plus, it creates interest and prompts the audience to take action and learn more about the subject of your video project. This is evident in the use of animated text for the opening credits of things like feature films and documentaries.

Various Typography Templates are Available

There are lots of great examples of moving texts today. If you want a reference for your project or would like to know more about what qualifies as great kinetic typography, you can use various Apple Motion templates available online as inspiration. The material available covers a wide range of designs, and it’s more than likely that you will find something suited for whatever project you are working on.

Moving Text Gives New Life to Old Content

You can breathe new life to old content using kinetic type. This can pique viewer interest in previous content or present different perspectives on a single subject. This is ideal if you are making videos for rebranding or re-launching past campaigns.

Videos give viewers a multisensory experience. With animated typography, you can make the experience more immersive and informative. There is an abundance of material for video projects online; make full use of it to expand your skill sets and diversify your portfolio.

Measuring waistline

The 5 Biggest Myths Surrounding Weight Loss And Diet Plans

Measuring waistlineAn increasing number of health-conscious individuals resort in fad diet plans. Persuaded by easy weight loss mechanisms and instant results, they refuse to engage in a balanced diet and proper exercise drills. Be vigilant in knowing which is factual and otherwise. This can help you choose the right path towards fitness and a leaner body.

Distinguishing fact from fiction, here are five biggest myths about weight loss and diet plans:

1. All weight loss treatments are effective.

As weight loss treatments can be effective, your body tends to bounce back to its comfort zone after a treatment. This happens if you do not know how to maintain your fitness program properly, according to Marie France. Weight loss treatments and body sculpting can only be effective by getting the right nutrition and sufficient level of activities.

2. Lack of sleep can help you lose weight.

Among the things to hate about sleep loss is its indirect connection to weight gain. After pulling off an all-nighter, you feel a little lighter apart from grogginess, but that doesn’t indicate that you have lost weight. It is more likely that you would resort to sugary food to boost your energy and survive a day at work. You may not realise it, but you have consumed too much sugar or junk food at the end of the day.

3. Losing weight is enough.

The crucial part of losing weight is proper nutrition and body weight maintenance. Losing weight is not enough; you need to keep yourself motivated in maintaining your new lifestyle and diet, even with changing work schedules.

4. Skipping meals can hasten your fitness program.

Many fad diets influence individuals take on a crash or yo-yo diet plan, which only slows down the process of weight loss. As health experts say, skipping meals may slow down your metabolism. It sabotages your fitness program with your body’s slow response in processing food. Storing food as fat, your body may develop cellulites, resulting in flabby arms and unwanted fats on the hips.

5. You cannot eat delicious food when in a fitness program.

Well, this may depend on your food choices, but you can still eat delicious food even when you need to maintain your physique. At parties, go for a tuna spaghetti rather than meaty spaghetti. Choose whole grain pasta over white pasta and ground meat, which may spike up your calorie intake.

Keep in mind that the way to a slimmer and healthy body includes no shortcuts and delays. Start losing weight today and stick with the facts behind weight loss and diet plans.

White brick house

Here’s How You Can Avoid Home Foreclosure

Foreclosure is every homeowner’s worst nightmare. With bills coming in every month, homeowners are left scratching their heads trying to come up with ways to make ends meet. Unfortunately, home mortgage payments can be too hard to keep up with. When it does catch up to you, you need to come up with ways to make the payment. and Florida foreclosure lawyers offer some pointers to keep in mind to help avoid the nasty business of dealing with a home foreclosure:

White brick houseDon’t ignore your mortgage

Open and respond to all correspondents coming from your lender. If you feel you will be unable to meet your mortgage payments on time, contact your lender as soon as possible. Doing so early provides you with much more options than waiting until the last minute.

Know your rights

Remember that while your lender has rights, so do you. If you did not bother to go over your loan documents carefully, now would be a good time to do so. Understand that foreclosure laws and the time frame may vary from state to state, so it is advisable to be aware of your local laws.

Learn to prioritize your budget

After healthcare, make it a point to keep up with home payments. If you can, try to sort out your payments and decide which are necessities and which are not. By doing so, you can better maximize your income and lessen your financial commitment.

Be wary of scams

Unfortunately, all manner of trickery does exist in the world. You may be thinking that you are just signing documents to appoint a firm to act on your behalf, but you end up signing the deed to your house away. By all means, never ever sign legal documents without reading over them first and understanding their legal implications. Always seek your attorney’s advice whenever possible.

Losing your home can have devastating effects, which is why you have to be cover all your bases to protect your family. Keep these tips in mind and avoid the foreclosure of your home.

adwords management

Negative Keywords for Positive Results

adwords managementNegative keywords are an important part of maximising PPC campaign profits. These ensure that your ads appear only to the people searching for what you offer. It also makes sure that your campaign targets qualified users and reduces the level of unqualified traffic.

Negative keywords are the keywords within a search that prevent your ads from showing up in irrelevant queries. The use of these keywords adds a level of control, increases the click through rate (CTR)and lowers costs. Read on to learn more about negative keywords:

Benefits of Negative Keywords

Without negative keywords, your campaign can get out of hand because it matches too many search queries and consumers won’t click on your ad. It may also be impossible to increase bids to grow your campaign, as you’ll start to generate many unqualified and inappropriate clicks.

AdWords management service providers like recommend consulting SEO experts to help you choose the right keywords. Common examples of negative keywords include free, job, career, news, and cheap. The words may be specific and relate to your industry. It is important to think through the phrases before adding them as negative phrases.

Broad Matches and Negative Keywords

Broad matches are used to maximise exposure of a website without exerting too much effort. This, however, can lead to unqualified clicks and may call for a higher budget. This is because search engines determine queries related to the broad match keyword, which may not be related to your business.

By including negative keywords in broad or phrase match types, you can control traffic directed to your site and pay only for relevant clicks. Apart from filtering unwanted traffic, these keywords enable you to pursue high volume traffic without appearing in inappropriate searches. This can have a positive impact on the campaign and improve your search engine marketing efforts.

Adding negative keywords can help improve your campaign by driving traffic to your website and boosting your quality score. It is important to constantly build lists to use for new campaigns to maximise your PPC campaign.


Perfect Fit: Gauging the Best Careers for Extroverts

When finding a job, most extroverts are eager to find one that doesn’t feel like work. Extroverts are enthusiastic and prefer the company of other people than spending time alone. They are talkative, outgoing, and enjoy social gatherings and large group activities.

Here are the best careers suited for people with outgoing personalities:


Sales-related careers are perfect for extroverts who like constant conversation and interaction. The job includes attracting and educating customers, organising store promotions, and running the sales floor. According to, sales positions also require negotiation and persuasion skills, as well as the ability to communicate with different personality types.

Public Relations

Outgoing people thrive well in careers in the field of public relations. Jobs in this niche will require you to interact with many different people and maintain relationships with contacts. It is important to have excellent interpersonal skills so that important people coordinate and collaborate with you. This job can be tough, but is also exciting because of parties and social gatherings.


Careers in healthcare are great for those who are sociable and charismatic. The job also requires compassion, patience, and speaking skills when explaining care and treatments to patients. Nursing courses or a certificate in aged care are great choices for landing a career that involves helping other people, which is both exciting and rewarding.


Teachers spend most of their day interacting with children of different ages. If this idea sounds exciting, then teaching may be right for you. Part of the job includes managing time effectively and being patient at all times. Education courses like diploma in early childhood education or secondary education degree are good stepping stones for a fulfilling career.

Human Resources

Jobs in human resources require plenty of interaction with employees and job applicants. The job also requires a sense of emotional intelligence for hiring decisions. Working HR gives you the chance to dabble in and coordinate with marketing or finance, too.

If you are not afraid to speak out and stand in front of a crowd, these career options are perfect for you. Your outgoing personality will give you an edge in careers that involve working with different people.

avoiding traffic ticket

How to Block the Heat and Avoid Traffic Tickets Simultaneously

avoiding traffic ticketOne of the things every driver wants to avoid is being pulled over by the cops. Not only does it disrupt your schedule, it may also cause you some cash or serious prison time. Cops won’t stop you for any reason or probable cause,however. Equipment violation is a common reason are pulled over.

According to traffic agencies in San Diego, car window tinting leads the list of equipment violations committed today, followed by burned-out headlights, loss of license plates, and loud exhaust modifications.

State Tinting Laws

It is stated in the laws of California that the front side windows of all vehicles, whether it is a car, truck, van or SUV, must have a 70% visible light transmission (VLT). All other windows on the rear can be legally tinted as dark as you want. For the windshield, only four inches from the top of the glass can be tinted. This often called as the “eyebrow” or “eyebrow strip.”

Avoiding Violations

Most enthusiasts want their vehicles to stand out from the crowd, which is why they tend to do customize and accessorize their cars. The California Highway Patrol (CHP), though, prohibits metallic window films that are more reflective than a normal window without tints.

You can look for premium glossy car window tinting services in San Diego if you want better protection from the heat and put some classy touches on the car without violating the law. Colored tints are also barred in the state. Dark tints decrease the visibility both from the inside and outside of the car.

Medical Exemptions

In other states, authorities allow some people with medical conditions that require a darker tint than what the law states, but there are no exemptions in California. If you have certain health conditions, better watch yourself when riding along the roads of the state.

Laws are made to ensure the safety of all people. It is important to obey these rules to help you and your fellow motorists avoid accidents.


Home (Safe) Home: Improving Your Home’s Security

Security is one of the biggest considerations when it comes to building a home. You do not want to put your family’s safety in jeopardy and lose possessions you have worked hard for. Make the security of your property a top priority.

While instances of burglary have declined in the last few years, the threat of trespassers breaking into your property is still high. Prevent unauthorised entry by making sure you implement the use of adequate security measures. By anticipating potential trouble from burglars, you can bolster security at home and keep your family safe        .

Here are some of the things you should keep in mind to get started:

GateBurglars Aren’t Always Dressed in Black

Some homeowners make the assumption that burglars will always wear black during their break-ins. The truth, however, is that they can be dressed in anything when they break into your home. Look out for individuals acting strange or obviously trying to get a look into your property. Install CCTV cameras for good measure.

Visual Deterrents are Effective

Most burglars break into a home because they know there is something valuable inside that they can run away with. They wouldn’t risk it just to leave empty-handed. This is why you should put visual deterrents like curtains and blinds to prevent thieves from getting a peek into your home and figuring out what you have inside. Gate experts in Perth like also suggest installing motorised gates and screens for better security.

Thorny Plants Can Help

Not all burglars use the front or back door as a main entry point. They also get into homes through the windows or air conditioner slots found on ground level. This is why you should plant thorny shrubs like rosebush, as it effectively discourages burglars from using the windows for entry.

The key to a safer home is making sure you cover all the bases. Think about how thieves can break into your home and implement measures to prevent such. With comprehensive planning, you can make your home a lot safer and comfortable to live in.

Swiss Shepherd Dog playing

Playtime: Why Your Dogs Need It Too

The importance of playtime for dogs is similar to the role this activity plays for humans. They need physical activities to serve as an outlet for expression, and as a stress reliever. Such endeavours also give them the opportunity to exercise, move around, and meet other humans or dogs. Apart from feeding your dog, make it feel more loved by taking it for a walk or playing fetch.

Effects of the Lack of Playtime

Lack of playtime means lack of exercise. If you don’t give dogs something to do, they’ll find something on their own. Not giving them the right to exercise could lead to the following:

Swiss Shepherd Dog playing

  1. Digging multiple holes in the backyard, scratching objects, or searching the trash bin
  2. Chewing anything, from personal belongings like clothes to household items like the sofa
  3. Always seeking for attention by barking and whining
  4. Aggressive behaviour – biting, jumping on people, and knocking over anything they see
  5. High excitement level, leading to night-time activity

How to Play with Your Dog

Playtime can take place anywhere – on the street, at the backyard, or even at the beach – as long as your dogs can run freely. Playtime allows your dogs to stretch their entire body and use their high levels of energy. They’ll behave at home when they feel they had enough. It also saves your pet from anxiety, especially when it’s an only dog, because it feels that it’s part of a family.

Dedicate at least 10 to 20 minutes of playtime every day. Boredom is the number one culprit for unnecessary, destructive behaviour in dogs. If you won’t be home for the whole day, look for pet supply stores online to buy anything that they can chew like rubber balls, tug toys, and squeakers.

Dogs have needs similar to ours, and it’s your responsibility as a pet owner to promote playtime. It doesn’t hurt to spend some money on and some time with them. The dog is man’s best friend after all.


The Recipe for a Botched Medical Treatment

People lay their lives down whenever they place their trust in a doctor for a prescription or even for a simple check-up. Because even with almost a decade of dedicated study, doctors are just people and they also make mistakes. Unfortunately, when a doctor makes a mistake, everyone else has to pay the price.


MRIMedical negligence is a complicated issue to unravel. First, authorities need to determine whether the issue was unforeseeable, or if there was a better option available that the doctor didn’t even consider pursuing. Firms, such as Secure Law, are gaining ground in the medical negligence industry, not because there are more cases of negligence, but because more people recognise negligence when it happens.

Ignorance of a certain technique, methodology, study or technology is hardly an excuse, because all professionals need to keep up with the latest developments in their field. After all, if doctors didn’t bother reading up on research everyone might still be treating homosexuality through medical coercion as they did in the 50s.

Lack of knowledge is hardly the only way a doctor can inadvertently cause their patient harm, as carelessness and arrogance can also play a significant part in medical negligence. This is the situation in the most common form of medical negligence: misdiagnosis.


Most patients are more forgiving of their doctors for misdiagnosis, and don’t consider it a form of medical negligence at all. But medical professionals should know the serious implications of their actions, especially in cases of misdiagnosis.


When doctors incorrectly diagnose a patient’s condition, not only will patients miss treatment opportunities that may help them avoid serious injury or death. In addition, wrong treatments may actually worsen or expedite the condition to levels of seriousness it should never reach.

In most other professions, a misdiagnosis is equal to an ‘oops’ moment. Oops, the sum of those dividends is wrong; Oops, the grammar on this sentence isn’t right; Oops, it’s actually leukaemia, not asthma. See the difference? The National Health Service (NHS) is currently under a storm of cases of negligence filed against medical practitioners, misdiagnosis right at the top of the causes.

Unfortunately, misdiagnosis isn’t a virus or an enemy. It’s just a consequence of normal human error, and the only way to combat it is through knowledge and awareness. If doctors can accept that they can be wrong on even a subject that’s so simple, the easier it is to correct mistakes, and save lives.

carbon steel

5 Sectors That Rely Heavily on Steel

carbon steelSteel is one of the most widely used minerals on the planet. It is also the most recycled. The steel industry began in the late 1850s and has since been a fixture of the industrial economy.

The steel industry is one of the most relied upon industries of today. In America alone, the steel industry is responsible for providing over 150,000 jobs. That number, though, is not enough to satiate the need for steel. In fact, America imports large amounts of steel in order to keep up with various sectors’ demand for it.

Wasatch Steel lists the top five sectors that rely on the steel industry below:

• Construction sector – Probably no other sector is as reliant on the steel industry than construction. Steel is a fixture in construction and is needed in its many different phases.

• Transport sector – Practically all vehicles in the transport sector are built with steel ranging from all types of cars, to buses, trains, aeroplanes, and others. In fact, steel accounts for about 50% of the weight of an average car.

• Energy sector – Because of its strength and reliability, steel is heavily relied upon for offshore platforms and quarrying purposes through pipes, platforms, as well as cranes and forklifts.

• Appliance sector – If steel is responsible for roughly 50% of the weight of an average transport vehicle, that number is amplified to about 75% when it comes to common household appliances. Steel is the most plentiful material used for appliances such as washing machines, ovens, microwaves and other such household items.

• Packaging sector – Canned goods can be found aplenty in grocery aisles across the country. What makes steel such a popular choice as packaging material is its inherent capacity to shield goods from heat, light, and exposure. This method of packing has been in practice for years and steel’s recycelability will continue to make it so.

Steel is one of the most important materials in modern industry. The inherent strength, coupled with the very low production cost required to produce it, makes steel such a popular choice as raw material for the production of various products and machinery, and runs the gamut from one industry to another.