Defending Your Name: 4 Ways to Protect Your Online Reputation

keyboardRegardless of size or industry, reputation is everything to a business. Now that most Australian customers are savvy enough to do research on the company before buying anything from them, it’s more important than ever to have a good online reputation management plan. Failing to do so can cause your business an incredible amount of lost sales every year.

To keep your business out of the mud, you need to do two things: provide excellent service to your customers, and exercise proactive reputation management. Here are some tips that can help with the latter.

  1. Encourage positive reviews – Satisfied customers are your best allies, so make sure that you ask them to leave a positive testimonial on your website, or better yet, on a trusted third party review website of your choice. Make sure that you are not bribing them, however, as this is an excellent way to get yourself blacklisted by review websites.
  2. Respond to complaints – Almost inevitably, there will be times when the service you give is not up to par. Perhaps it was simple human error, or the actions of a disgruntled employee. Regardless, the affected customer will likely post online about their negative experiences. Once you see these complaints, it’s important to respond quickly, but tactfully.

Never be confrontational, no matter what the customer’s tone or how much they exaggerate. Respond politely, apologise, present your side of the case, and offer to make it up to them. This demonstrates that your business owns up to its mistakes, and allows you to take advantage of a bad situation.

  1. Consider reputation management services – When you need immediate and reliable results, it’s often worth it to get professional help. Many SEO companies in Perth like have started offering reputation management as well, after their clients complained of negative reviews popping up in search results.

These experts will often use multiple strategies to legally influence the reviews that a potential customer will see, boosting positive ones in the rankings and getting fake negative reviews buried or removed by the website owners.

  1. Keep monitoring – Lastly, remember that reputation is a very fluid thing. Bad reviews can pop up any day, and failing to notice them for weeks can be disastrous. Don’t become complacent, and keep monitoring the public’s perception of your company.

Developing a thick skin and ignoring slanderous insults might work on a personal level, but it certainly doesn’t in the business world. Be prepared to fight for reputation on a regular basis.

shop display ideas

Play With Display: Making Your Retail Display More Interesting

shop display ideasDespite the popularity of online retailing, brick-and-mortar stores still get a big share of customers looking for a more personal shopping experience. This is particularly true for businesses in the fashion industry or those running patisseries and souvenir shops. If you’re managing a physical store, you know how important appearance is, as effective product presentation can convert to a sale.

There’s more to retail display than stacking your products on a shelf or making sure the newest releases are on the frontline. Experts from S&L Storefronts and Glass believe there’s some art and psychology involved in it. Here’s what you need to do to make it more interesting.

Clutter: It’s a No-No

This is the first rule you should keep in mind. Clutter is an eyesore, and it will definitely turn your customers off. Keep the products stacked properly and focus on categorization for a more organized look.

Be “Odd”

While it’s important to keep your displays symmetrical, there will be times when you have to sacrifice evenness and favor a bit of disarray. For instance, instead of keeping your products in even numbers, display them using odd numbers. This creates intrigue from the perspective of the customers.

Share a Story

Don’t just stick to the conventional method of displaying; it will only bore you customers. Decide on a theme. It can be anything from formal or intriguing, so long as it’s relevant and season appropriate. You may change the arrangement of the shelves and the products to tell a story. For instance, arrange your books in a way that they will appear artistic.

Epitomize Your Brand

Don’t forget about branding. You can convey your brand’s message through retail display. The most common technique is making sure the brand colors are present. You may also incorporate some recurring images from your logotype or logomark.

Retail display is not just about stacking your products on the shelf. You need to see it as a way of attracting your customers and strengthening the image you want for your business.


CMS Websites: The Power to Move Your Brand Is In You

wordpressCreating a great-looking website is one thing; managing and maintaining it to ensure increased traffic and higher rankings is another. Promoting your brand online is more than just building an attractive website. You have to make sure it is user-friendly and it provides relevant information to visitors. Regular updates are a good way to keep up with the changes in the online market.

Running a business today is about getting things done in the quickest manner. Innovative tools, such as Content Management Systems (CMS), provide an easy way to manage websites. CMS allows business owners to assess their site’s appearance and improve it by updating its content. It gives you the power to reach more customers, boost your rankings, and move your brand.

No Technical Experience Required

You do not need a degree in programming or any other related field to gain control over your website and improve your online presence. CMS is an easy to use tool specifically designed for those who want to keep their websites as up to date as they want. With a little guidance from an online marketing company, you can easily make changes to your content. Some agencies offer training services to help their clients learn how to manage their CMS websites effectively.

The Changes You Can Make

With a CMS web presence, you can easily edit existing images or add new content, such as articles, blogs and testimonials. and other video production companies in Birmingham recommend uploading promotional videos to your website and adding social media buttons for easy sharing.

The Cost Effective Platform

WordPress is a top choice for web designers when it comes to building CMS websites for businesses. This open source platform gained popularity due to its bespoke functionality and user-friendly admin panel. With these remarkable features, it is no wonder more professionals are choosing WordPress as their go-to software.

The power to move your brand is in your hands. With technical help from your trusted web design company, you can make a big difference for your website and your business.

car maintenance

Preventive Maintenance Your Car Needs

car maintenanceKeep the wheels rolling, the engine running and free yourself from stress through regular preventive maintenance. This the best thing a car owner can do to keep driving without any trouble.

A responsible car owner will certainly advise you to never ignore preventive maintenance, especially the basics such as changing your oil, checking your tire pressure and having scheduled inspections. After all, prevention is always better than cure. Do not wait for your car to suffer a serious problem before you take action. Save yourself from spending thousands of dollars in the future.

Many people still refuse to perform preventive maintenance on their vehicles. Some simply lack the time to do it while others have little knowledge of cars and are intimidated from doing such maintenance.

Here are some easy steps for preventive maintenance:

Read the car manual

The car manual contains all the things you need to know about your four wheels. It discusses the regular maintenance routine your car needs, like how often you should change your oil.

Do your own inspection

Check the air pressure in your tires, fluids, oil, battery and engine of your car regularly. If you find anything that needs replacement, Perth auto parts supplier suggests purchasing recycled parts. Apart from its more affordable price, these can function just like brand-new parts.

Use technology

Download a few applications for your smartphone to remind you when you need repair and maintenance. There are apps that will help you to track your vehicle’s maintenance history, mileage and repair history.

Consult a professional

Your car may need professional repair and maintenance. Car repair professionals have the knowledge about cars and they know exactly what to do.

There are many ways to ensure that your car lasts long time. Make sure you avoid having to go through tough experiences like being stranded in the middle of the road. Take the time and make an effort to maintain your investment.

glass shower screens

The Secret Ingredient to Cleaning Bathrooms

glass shower screensEverybody loves standing under a nice warm shower, but no one will be lining up to give the shower a thorough cleaning of its own. The area has a tendency to collect some nasty things. These can come in the form of soap scum, or hard water stains, and anyone who has tangled with them knows that getting rid of them is hard.

These disgusting invaders to the most private area in the house usually make their home in the nooks and crannies in between the different part of the shower screen. Moisture and almost everything else that goes with it gets trapped in most of these corners and turn into hard to clean nuisances.

Industry mainstay says some Perth glass shower screens are frameless, giving stains less real estate to cling to. There are a few ways people can get rid of soap scum. There is the common method, wherein cleaners use all-purpose bathroom cleaners to scrub down scum and mould until there is nothing left. This may be the common answer, but not necessarily the best solution.

Manufacturers design cleaners to get rid of virtually everything that can get in a bathroom, so it is strong. But, this means safety was not the priority when they were thinking of selling them. Homeowners need to take the necessary precautions in handling these chemicals.

A better solution would be to use vinegar; it’s an abrasive acid, but does not pose any kind of risk to the user. Simply dip a sponge in full strength white vinegar; coat the door and keep applying for around five minutes. The vinegar will melt through the scum, and cleaners can wash the vinegary coat away after it dries. There may be a bit of a lingering vinegar smell afterwards, but that will go away soon enough.

Cleaning things does not have to be hard nor pricey. Everything homeowners need to do the work necessary to keeping a home is readily available.

selling old jewelry

5 Things You Should Know Before Selling Old Jewelry

selling old jewelryYour jewelry box is chock full of things that you haven’t worn in years. Some of those pieces are older than you are, but that doesn’t mean you want to wear them to your sister’s wedding. The logical conclusion is to sell them off to free up some space and get some quick cash.

People sell for all sorts of reasons. They might want to fund a vacation, replace outdated pieces, or simply need to make ends meet. As this is likely a new and somewhat scary experience for you, there are some things that you should know first.

1. Appraising is important – It’s quite common for people to be very far off with their estimations when it comes to jewelry values. If you think that some of your heirlooms are very valuable, you should get a professional appraisal. Some jewelry stores even offer free, no obligation appraisals, which can save you a significant amount of cash.

2. Jeweler reputation is vital – Getting a good price depends a lot on where you choose to sell. There are unfortunately a few unethical dealers out there that will do everything they can to rip you off, like rushing you into a sale or opening with a ridiculously low offer. For your safety, go with trusted and established businesses.

3. It’s socially acceptable – Just a generation ago, selling any sort of jewelry was practically taboo. To many women, it was either tasteless or a sign of dire financial straits. Even seldom worn rings with no sentimental value ended up stashed away forever, taking up space for no good reason.

These days, that unreasonable stigma is all but gone, and no one will bat an eye if you come into the local jewelry shop to cash in your valuables. If anything, the industry is actively encouraging it by making the process fast and easy. Therefore, there’s no shame in asking for advice from your friends or family.

4. Tact is the sign of a professional – Professional jewelers don’t ask any embarrassing questions. They have seen people sell pretty much anything, and won’t bat an eye if you come in carrying an entire box filled with your mother’s antique brooches. You’ll be happy to find out that there’s no need to explain anything to anyone.

5. Stay away from private deals – While you’re trying to sell antique jewelry, warns that you might be tempted to just sell to another independent customer like you. This might be more profitable, but it’s also very time consuming and comes with plenty of risks. Thieves love targeting novice jewelry sellers, and they have many elaborate scams up their sleeve.

These tips will help you become more prepared to sell your old jewelry. Remember, you should take time to research; a few minutes of studying could save you hundreds of dollars.

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4 Reasons to Call an Electrician to Your Property

ElectricianThe classic horror movie always begins with an electrical failure: the lights flicker and the familiar hum of appliances cuts out, leaving an eerie silence in their sudden absence. In the real world an electrical failure is rarely so dramatic.

For most of us, our first reaction is to get down and see if we can sort things ourselves. But when do you actually need an electrician? Here are a few scenarios when you might want to consider calling out the screwdriver brigade.

1. During a Power Cut Power outages can bring everything to a complete halt. Even a minor electrical disruption can result in major setbacks, especially for commercial establishments. In these situations, you need to call an emergency electrician. A good emergency electrician is available 24 hours and will be able to sort out the problem fast, leaving you and your family free to get on with your lives.

2. Faulty Plug Sockets DIY skills might mean you are confident to change a fuse yourself, but if it is anything else contact an electrician. If it is damp or you notice a funny smell around the socket, don’t take the chance. Contact a professional and guarantee your safety.

3. Major Rewiring Projects It’s always tempting to rely on your own DIY skills. But if you are planning renovation work and rewiring alongside it, it may well be worth considering getting someone to do the electrics for you. Bear in mind that any rewiring work needs to be done before you can start decorating.

With careful planning, it is cheaper and significantly more efficient to hire someone. suggests to look local for the best deals. If you live in South Perth is going to be better value for money than someone travelling in from a distance. And you’ll be supporting a local firm into the bargain.

4. If You Aren’t Sure Electricity is one of those things we tend to take for granted. It lights our homes and runs most of our devices. However, it’s also not a force to be messed with. One wrong move can be incredibly dangerous which is why most jobs are better left to professionals.

If you aren’t sure or if your house has old wiring or aluminum wiring that doesn’t meet the most rigorous modern safety standards, call someone in. It might be a standard job for a professional, but it’s much better to be safe than sorry.

street wear

For Lads Out There: Tips to Nail that Wicked Street Style

street wearStreet style for men has transformed over the years. It’s not always about looking too “loose,” and yet it’s not too dressy despite the many appearances of sartorial look books for inspiration. It’s become more eclectic —a healthy combination of casual and smart.

There are times, however, when guys, especially those who aren’t inclined to fashion, will find the concept of street style hard to grasp. You need not worry if you believe you’re one of those lads. Brands in the UK, such as ONLY NY, have selections of clothing pieces that make street style easy and smart-looking at the same time. Moreover, there are many resources that provide some fashion tips for male, and this article is one of them.

A for (Less) Effort

Keep in mind that you’re hitting the streets, so do your best not to look like you’ve spent hours arranging that anorak with a scarf. Your sense of fashion here should revolve around comfort, but make sure there’s some hip that comes with it.

What’s Your Fit?

Before, street style is all about loose shirts and baggy trousers. As discussed, the style has fused itself with smartness. And nothing looks smarter than a well-fitted shirt or a pair of trimmed and comfortable trousers. When you shop for clothes, always put size and fit on top of your list.

The Layers

Layering is an art every man should learn. The basics of dressing in layers include colours and materials coordination. Your base layer, which is your shirt, should complement the colour or pattern of your outer layer, which may include sweatshirts, cardigans, or anoraks. When it comes to materials, the base layer should always be thinner than the outer layer.

‘Step’ Up!

Step up your shoe game. What you wear on your feet is important, as it pulls everything you wear together. Go for white trusty sneakers or plimsoll shoes. If you want to add some dapper appeal, wear brogues or loafers.

These are only some of the tips every lad should keep in mind if he wants to nail that smart street style. If you want to get inspired, browse through online look books that will help you develop your own style.


Internet Revolution: Is South Africa Catching Up?

internetAdvances in technology lead businesses to new heights, but not everyone is lucky enough to access it. The Internet, for instance, has become one of life’s essentials since it connects people around the world. The problem is that many places are still lagging behind.

Hamadoun Toure, Broadband Commission for Digital Development co-vice chair, agreed that the Internet is the key to social and economic development. It should be a priority, even in underprivileged nations worldwide.

Internet in South Africa

Internet access is no longer a luxury in South Africa. According to technology research organisation Wide World Worx, the number of Internet users finally reached the eight million mark in 2012. As expected, the younger generation aged 15 to 24 are using it more due to smartphones, tablets, and other mobile devicesentering the market.

About 60% of Africa’s traffic is coming from South African businesses. In fact, 14 million of the adult population are now accessing the Internet at work every day. This is good news, as it signifies that small to large companies are trying to improve their operations.

Business Connectivity

Companies under the Internet Service Providers’ Association (ISPA) such as added that technologies like this make a huge difference in how businesses operate. It doesn’t only speed up their processes, but also gives flexible ways to perform tasks and save time and money.

The International Telecommunication Union (ITU) presented a survey showing that small, medium, and micro enterprise (SMME) uses the Internet to help improve their operations. In fact, about half of them stated that they need it primarily for sending e-mails and using online banking services. They’re seeking high-speed connections instead of settling for the traditional dial-up modem access.

Internet connectivity in South Africa may not be as impressive compared to developed countries, but they’re slowly catching up. For businesses to remain competitive, it might be time to start using innovative and reliable technology.

used trucks

From Bane to Boom: 3 Ways to Achieve an Efficiently Performing Supply Chain

used trucksWith today’s neck-to-neck competition, productivity, performance, and efficiency are all important to stay ahead of others. To do this, companies are aiming to improve a specific aspect of their business: supply chain management.

Business owners, here are some of the strategies that might help you increase your supply chain productivity to achieve customer satisfaction:

Improve Your Distribution Network

Your distribution network affects everything from delivery tracking to sales strategy. You can achieve a fast and reliable distribution network if you try to figure out the things that hinder you from delivering products and services to your customers at the shortest possible time.

For example, hire more people if you find out that you need more staff and more trucks to deliver your products efficiently. Purchase additional vehicles, preferably used trucks to keep expenses at a minimum, to improve your distribution network.

Plan Your Strategy

It is important to come up with a good distribution strategy to improve your supply management. This way, you will have a better idea of the things you need to shorten the time, lessen decaying goods, and improve customer service. Formulating a good strategy will help your business truly achieve profitable growth.

Come up with a general goal, such as receiving an industry award for customer service, for example. To do this, look for stakeholders to collaborate with and pinpoint the processes that need improvement.

Track Your Cash Flow and Inventory

Cash flow monitoring is one of the essential tools to increase the supply management efficiency. Track your payment terms and conditions, and try to understand the ins and outs of the technology used for money transfers. In other words, you need to clearly understand the payment methods, as well as how often to pay suppliers and logistics, and any other finances that you pass on to customers.

It is also important to monitor your inventory. You can do this with the help of some tracking software or internal spreadsheets. This will help you track your supply count and how much supply you still need.

An efficiently performing supply chain saves precious time and money, thanks to shorter processing times, faster deliveries, and better inventory management.