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Why a Dumbwaiter is Not a Dumb Option for Hotels and Restaurants

dumb waiterDumbwaiters area popular and common feature in hotels and big restaurants. These mini-elevators are used to transport food from downstairs kitchen to upstairs dining areas. Here are the primary reasons these establishments think it is a must to have one.

Cut Down on Staff

Restaurants need kitchen porters to connect multiple floors or to carry vegetables from the basement storage to the kitchen. Hotels, meanwhile, need people to deliver food to individual rooms for room service. With dumbwaiters, all you need is somebody to load the items and another to take the load off once it gets to its destination.

Smoother Business Operations

Transporting materials between floors can be a big hassle for restaurants and hotels. Folks at A+ Elevators and Lifts say that having a dumbwaiter will help you reap the benefits of automation.

Unlike people, dumbwaiters never stop to catch up with a fellow waiter and never get tired. This means employees can move food, plates, and other essential things without leaving work stations. This allows waiters to deliver orders and stocks on time as well. Simply put, things will run smoothly.

Reduced Number of Accidents

Waiters running up and down the stairs or hurrying to get into lifts pose a danger. What if a waiter trips and spills the meal that your best chef took hours to prepare? With dumbwaiters, you can avoid potential accidents and injuries of lifting heavy plates, carrying full-course meals up and down the stairs, or bending over with heavy loads.

Dumbwaiters will simply cut down on accidents—and cut down on the apologies you need to make to customers.

They make way for smoother business operations, they allow you to cut down on staff, and they help reduce the number of accidents—it’s not difficult to see why dumbwaiters have been a smart way to keep business establishments, especially hotels and restaurants, in order.

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House of Blues: 4 Easy Ways to Calm Your Home

house colorColour can have a big impact in a person’s mood. In a home, it’s more than a choice for paint, furniture, and decor. It’s something that can have an effect on one’s senses, allowing them to feel a variety of emotions.

The right hue in the right room, for example, can make you feel relaxed and at peace. Meanwhile, when a colour is not right for a particular space, it can be a distraction, even a source of irritation.

If you’ve been feeling a little bit too stressed for comfort, it may be high time to rethink the hues in your home. Here are a few easy ways you can calm your home with colour.

1. Fight the Bright

Bold colours are not bad for homes; they keep you happy and optimistic. If, however, you are feeling a bit stressed or uneasy in a room that is supposed to make you happy, you may want to neutralise the bright hues.

Pair up bold shades such as canary yellows and limes with soft creams and beiges. This will open up the space, give it a more spacious feel, and will give off a dream-like ambience with hints of cheer.

2. Go Easy on the Bed and Bath

The bedroom and the bathroom are two of the most intimate spaces in a house. They should therefore be the most relaxing and inviting. Local painting companies, such as GlobalDecorating.com.au, can make this happen.

Keep strong shades such as tomato red away from these rooms, as these will constantly keep you stimulated. Try a few muted hues instead, which provide little colour, but still allows you to rest a little. Throw in a few aromatic candles and you are all set for an evening of peace and relaxation.

3. Blues to Deal with the Blues

Blue is one of the best colours in an erratic space, as it is both calming and serene. Use it in your interiors to give off that soothing beachside effect or that memorable time at a countryside retreat.

4. Get Down to Earth

Natural landscapes are always a great view for relaxing. Get the same effect in your home by putting external elements indoors with a few natural, earthy tones. Cream, taupe, and sage are a few good options. Mix these into your interiors through decor and accents.

The home is supposed to be a place where you can relax and de-stress. Play around with the colours, find the right combinations, and you will be relaxed before you know it.

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How to Make Your Company’s Air Conditioning More Efficient

company airconditionerAir conditioning is pretty much a non-negotiable requirement in offices. Employees tend to become very unproductive when they are on the verge of suffering from heat strokes, so the expenses of keeping your building cool are unavoidable.

This doesn’t mean you have to put up with an unreasonably high energy bill. Through some simple cost saving solutions, you can minimise the cost of climate control in your business.

  1. Seal any leaks – Spaces where the air can leak out, such as the cracks around doors and windows, greatly reduce the efficiency of your system. Inspect your office for these and seal them with caulking when possible. Energy audits from licensed professionals will help you with these leaks and other problems with your energy efficiency.
  1. Implement regular maintenance – Your building’s HVAC system is a major investment, so it is only natural to keep it well maintained. Commercial air conditioning maintenance from apexaircon.com.au and other providers can improve your unit’s lifespan and prevent sudden breakdowns.

Many air conditioning issues are not easily visible, and only become obvious when it’s too late. Regular tune ups can detect any minor problems that are making it harder for your system to do its job, boosting the overall efficiency.

  1. Consider replacing – If your current system is old, energy inefficient, and breaks down far too often, it is a good idea to simply replace it with a newer model. This might cause a bit more upfront, but the savings over the following months and years will more than make up for it.
  1. Clean the ducts – Dirt build-ups and other obstructions in your ducts restrict the flow of air, making the system less efficient. Like maintenance, regular duct cleaning can prevent your air conditioner from working harder than it actually has to.
  1. Reduce demand – Anything you can do to reduce the need for cooling will help lower the company’s energy bill. Tint windows, paint the roof white, and use curtains to block sunlight during the hottest hours of the day.

Although air conditioning is a necessary expense for most businesses, there is no reason to pay more than you need to. Keep these tips in mind to help your office stay cool on a budget.


Never Lock Yourself Out of Your Car Again

carLocking the keys in the car is one of the most frustrating things that can happen to ruin someone’s day. Unfortunately, these are common occurrences. Car lockouts are embarrassing, difficult to look at, and require expert assistance to solve. Even though people understand that this stuff happens, they can’t help, but judge the poor victim in their thoughts.

The Getting Out Panic

The mortification of finding yourself in the same situation is too much to bear for some people, but there’s nothing they can do to prevent it from happening. At least, that was the case before a locksmith Miami residents trust gave customers a few simple steps to rid themselves of this scenario forever.

It involves a system of repetitive actions that will help people develop habits that will always keep their minds on knowing where their keys are before, during, and after a drive. The first thing people need to do is to create their personal exit routine. Exiting the car is one of the most stressful and hurried part of anyone’s day.

The Zen of Habit

A driver’s brain is already filled with other priorities when they pull into a parking spot they don’t have time to do everything they need to do before leaving their car. Creating a routine will condition the brain to form a pattern that will make drivers feel as if there’s something wrong if they are not complete.

This doesn’t happen overnight though; it takes weeks or months just to get into a comfortable groove. Patience is the key to mastering this technique; don’t get frustrated on the first few tries, you’ll get the hang of it eventually.

The Most Important Connection

Another way people can make sure they have their keys all the time is to connect it to their body somehow. Many drivers will have to settle with something like lanyards for their key keeping purposes.

Sometimes people forget their keys because it’s not in their hands, having a lanyard will allow them to keep their hands without losing their keys in the process. This solution sounds very simplistic, but it actually goes a long way in keeping the keys with drivers and not in their cars.