Risk assessment

Risk Assessment is Too Complicated (And 2 Other Costly Myths)

Risk assessmentAny industrial activity involves a certain level of risk—a high level of risk for that matter. That’s universally true, and yet, not all companies seem to put a premium on safety. Many would continue to use worn out PPE and faulty machines until they realise their mistake when it’s too late—the price has already been paid.

Loss of profits aside, your workers are the ultimate victims. A minor injury that slightly impairs them to perform basic functions is the least one could suffer from when accidents happen. Mundane or perilous, any task is life-threatening if hazards are poorly managed, or worse, not identified.

If you don’t see industry safety the way it should be seen, then you’re probably operating based on these foolish beliefs:

It Will Never Happen to You

What’s funny about this line of thinking is that the captain of the Titanic had this state of mind. Captain Edward John Smith felt his unsinkable ship was invincible until, of course, an iceberg proved him wrong.

It’s true until a major, irreversible incidents happens. If you’re not doing anything to assess all prevailing hazards in the environment and taking action when you identify them, then your luck hasn’t ran out yet. A mishap is bound to take place sooner or later.

Risk Assessment Is Too Complicated

On first thought, this task is so complex and time-consuming. Everything changes, however, if you use a user-friendly hazard assessment tool. The Take 5 for Safety, for example, provides a complete checklist that allows your workers to effectively assess the surroundings and make sound decisions at all times. Because the guidelines are clearly defined, even a novice worker could finish using such tool in just five minutes.

Safety Is Just Common Sense

It holds true, but not entirely spot-on. If common sense is the only requirement, anyone who’d pass a sensible man could literally do all industrial tasks with safety and efficiency. Even your most experienced worker on site still has to read the operation manual of a new machine.

Not all risks are unavoidable, but they are manageable. Put your silly views to bed first before you could actually make your industrial environment safe for everyone, including you.

Romantic curls

Styling Made Easy: 2015 Hairstyle Trends for That Glam Look

Romantic curlsTaking too much time to get your hair done in the morning? There must be something wrong with how you style your hair. With the right style and cut, having that glamorous hair doesn’t need to be high maintenance.

Here are the top three hair trends of 2015 that don’t need hours of prepping:

Romantic Curls

The rise of the romantic curls was during the early 2000s, and it never really left. Romantic curls can give you a classy and sophisticated look, minus the long hours of using the curling iron. This style is the longer version of the vintage finger waves—it’s elegant with a dash of sexiness. The best thing about this look is you don’t need to style it every morning. Just comb the curls with your fingers, and you’ll still have those glamorous locks. Romantic curls are also perfect for formal events or date nights.

The Lob

If there’s a style that expert hairdressers in Claremont are in love with this year, it is definitely the lob. Tagged as the “hairstyle that works for everyone”, the lob is one of the biggest hair trends that you’ll see on many of today’s celebrities. The lob is simply a long bob cut that reaches the shoulder, giving it more artistic styling. This style can complement any facial shape, which is why it’s a favourite among women.

The Brazilian Blowout

Straight, neat and classic – these are the very definition of a Brazilian blowout look. A variation of the Japanese straight hair styling, the Brazilian treatment gives your locks a sleek and smooth finish. It’s like hair rebond minus the heat treatment. It’s a healthy and affordable way of keeping your locks straight and soft.

You don’t need to spend hours of blow drying or ironing your hair just to look good. Try one of these styles, and see the difference with your look.


What You Need to Know About Candidiasis Types and Your Risk

CandidiasisCandida yeast is a type of fungus found in small amounts in different parts of the body. However, there are some instances when environmental factors, such as humid weather, underlying health conditions and antibiotic use, may all cause candida fungus to overgrow in one area. This overgrowth is known as candidiasis.

What are the Different Candidiasis Types?

Depending on the areas affected by the fungal infection, overgrowth of candida yeast has different types, notes candidawellness.com:

  • Oral candidiasis – Also called as thrush, this type of candidiasis affects the mouth or throat. Symptoms of oral candidiasis include soreness, loss of taste, and white lesions in the tongue, gums, tonsils, inner cheeks, and palate.
  • Vaginal yeast infection – Symptoms of vaginal yeast infection include irritation of the vulva, painful urination and sexual intercourse, and odorless vaginal discharge that is thick and white.
  • Candidemia – Occurs when the infection reaches the bloodstream. The infection may reach other parts of the body, such as the liver and the kidneys, and fatal when left untreated.
  • Candidal keratitis – Overgrowth in the eye. Candida keratitis is accompanied by symptoms of photosensitivity, blurring, eye redness, pain and tearing.
  • Intestinal candidiasis – Overgrowth in the gastrointestinal tract. Common symptoms of intestinal candidiasis are bloating, rectal itching, constipation, intestinal cramps, and alternating bouts of constipation and diarrhea.
Who’s At Risk?

While virtually everyone is at risk of candidiasis, immunocompromised individuals are the most vulnerable in developing this condition. Medications, such as corticosteroids and antibiotics, may halt the body from neutralizing candida overgrowth. Individuals with weakened immune systems, such as the elderly, the children, and those with chronic health conditions are also at highest risk of candidiasis.

Visiting your doctor right away could provide you the accurate diagnosis and prompt medical attention to prevent complications if you suspect you are afflicted with candidiasis. Furthermore, keeping yourself healthy through proper hygiene, balanced diet, and a healthy lifestyle can keep candidiasis at bay.

Shipping Items

Packing Your Items Safely For Sailing

Shipping ItemsShipping items is one of the most convenient ways to send and receive items, and large marketplaces like Amazon use sea lanes and transport to ferry items across the globe. These days, international commerce among small time sellers and personal consumers has become possible because of these shipping options.

It is essential that you can find the best possible way to pack your items to have them safe for shipping. Here are three tips to keep your items sealed and safe before they sail.

Invest on good packaging materials.

You can use different types of boxes and packaging materials for different types of items. Consider the materials that compose your actual item and see to it that it is properly protected by the materials that you have chosen. Boxes are quite diverse, but your best bet are boxes with several layers.

Find appropriate shipping containers.

You should invest in good shipping containers in Perth. These are sturdier and stronger than the usual material because the design of these shipping cases gives them the endurance against turning and tossing and the unpredictable nature of weather across the sea.

Do not forget to indicate if the item is fragile.

Finally, remember to mark the items if they are fragile. Mark the items as they are and indicate the real weight. This will help the attendants handle it properly based on its needs. You will have to pay extra but you will be guaranteed that your items are safe and delivered soundly. In addition, indicate which side is up.

Make sure that you find the appropriate shipping containers in Perth to preserve the items that you will have shipped. You only need a little patience to get the job done, but it will be worth it.

carpet cleaning

It’s Time to Visit the Cleaners: Three Facts about Dirty Carpets

carpet cleaningCarpets are more than just additional décor for your interiors. These increase the level of comfort and ambiance in homes. These also provide additional protection when people slip, trip, and fall — all thanks to their cushioning effects

While carpets offer these benefits, they can be just as health threatening if not cleaned and maintained properly. This is why BossCarpetCleaning.com recommends regular Highland carpet cleaning to avoid these problems.

Here are three facts that will make you want to send your carpets to the cleaners:

1. Insects and Pests Live in Dirty Rugs and Carpets

Dust mites thrive in warm environments. Carpets give them what they need to survive, including their sources of nourishment – dirt and dead skin cells from humans and animals. If you fail to maintain the cleanliness of your carpets, you’re giving dust mites free reign of your space. Apart from dust mites, fleas also live in filthy carpets. These pests can cause problems if you have pets around the house.

2. Carpets Collect Dirt, Soil, and Dust

Pounds and pounds of soil accumulate in and under carpeting. Apart from soil, dirt, dead skin flakes, and animal shedding also nestle on your carpets. Delaying carpet cleaning will only make your flooring the home of dirt and bacteria, which could bring more problems to your home.

3. Dirty Carpets Contaminate the Air Inside Your Home

Every time that you walk on dirty carpets, you are spreading the bacteria that have accumulated on the rug all over your home. This releases the bacteria into the air, which may result in potential health problems – especially among people who have asthma and skin allergy.

When was the last time you vacuumed your carpets or had them professionally cleaned? If it was eons ago, you need to act now. A dirty carpet won’t do you any good; it will only be an eyesore for your interiors.

child's oral health

3 Oral Health Issues that a Pediatric Dentist Can Help Your Child With

child's oral healthRecent surveys show that there are more than 4,000 individuals aged 19 and below in Cottonwood Heights. Out of this total number, 1,068 are children under 5 years of age and 1,062 are children between 5 to 9 years old.

These numbers indicate that a pediatric dentist in Cottonwood Heights will always be busy with the following:

1. Evaluation of Risks and Possible Future Dental Issues

Pediatric dentists care for children’s teeth from infancy up until they become teenagers. Because infants don’t have teeth yet, the dentist’s task is to assess for any possible dental problems that could arise.

Most people are not aware that some diseases can be diagnosed orally, such as diabetes, ADHD, and congenital heart disease. It is the dentist’s task to find out if the child could be suffering from any of these illnesses.

2. Advice Parents about Habits

Thumb sucking is one habit that people develop during early infancy. Some parents substitute the thumb with a pacifier, thinking that doing so is more advantageous in terms of eventually eliminating the unsightly tendency.

However, some studies show that both habits can be detrimental to the proper alignment of the child’s growing teeth. The dentist should help parents find the best strategy for stopping the habit before permanent teeth start growing.

3. Provide Prophylactic Care

Dental prophylaxis involves cleaning the teeth with the use of special tools. The procedure also involves assessing the teeth for cavities that may have developed since the last visit. The dentist would then let the parents know what the next step would be for that decayed tooth. The dentist would also be cleaning the areas in the mouth that are often unreachable with a toothbrush, such as the regions above and beneath the child’s gum line.

Being the responsible parent that you are, you need to ensure that your children’s teeth are well cared for by a reputable pediatric dentist in Cottonwood Heights.


On Landscaping and Flowers: What Makes a Garden Beautiful

flowerThe garden is the crowning glory of your home. It’s the haven that provides you a peaceful respite whenever you feel something is amiss or your stress levels are rising. Take note, however, that this is what a beautiful garden does. Not all gardens are created equal. When it comes to judging it, however, there are some things you need to look into.

Here is a rundown of the characteristics of a beautiful garden:

A Beautiful Garden is Simple

Simplicity is beauty. This particular adage holds true for gardens. A garden doesn’t always appear beautiful by having an elaborate design plan and complicated fixtures. A simple and yet elegant garden conforms to the scale of a given space. It doesn’t use too many colors, and it doesn’t resort to unnecessary accessories.

It Goes Well with the Home’s Aesthetics

The garden has a landscape that complements the existing theme of the house. Otherwise, the yard will look like out of place. If your home is painted in brick red, choose flowers that complement this color. Choose plants that reflect the theme of your home. If your house projects a rustic and “cottagey-ish” feel, plant sunflowers around it.

It Has a Mowed Lawn

The lawn is the canvas of the garden. No matter how beautiful your flowers are, they will look awkward if their backdrop is unkempt. Pull out the weeds that compete with the grass. Trim it regularly by working with reliable professionals, such as The Lawnsmith.

It’s Intelligently Layered

A beautiful garden has texture. This means you need to add layers into your garden by using variety of plants. Choose flowers whose colors complement each other. If you have hedges in one row, put taller plants behind them to create balance.

These are only some of the things that make up a beautiful garden. If you’re not satisfied with your yard’s appeal, enlist the aid of a company that specializes in lawn mowing and landscaping.

Zion National Park

A Quick Weekend Trip in Utah’s National Parks

Zion National ParkUtah is home to five national parks, six national forests, and seven national monuments. If this beauty spanning close to two million acres doesn’t make you pack your bags for a quick weekend trip or a long road trip, then you may want to rethink the adventures you go on.

You can visit all these astounding landscapes in one go or take it day by day while you find rest and relaxation in Utah’s StGeorgeClarionSuites.com and other equally grand hotels. Either way, it’s such a waste to not bear witness to the amazing outdoor riches.

Jaw Dropping Cliff Faces

Begin your exploration of Utah’s beauty with the charming little town of Springdale. From here, you can stock up on trail mix and water for the long drive and hike later. Head on over to Zion National Park, the country’s sixth most visited national park that boasts surreal cliffs and gorges in bright browns and reds.

Ease into the jaw dropping scenery with a modest hike until you reach Emerald Pools for a mid-afternoon dip. Head back to Springdale for a quiet dinner and prepare for another day of wandering. Drive by Red Canyon to take in the beautiful sights. A while later, you can check out the spectacular Bryce Canyon National Park.

Sandstone Spires and Arches

Bryce is everything you would see in postcards and more. It is an overwhelming exhibition of all nature is capable of. Take your time and let the dramatic vistas and sandstone spires and arches sink in. Hike down gently and marvel at the endless hoodoos spiking the sky.

Afterwards, get back out on Route 12 and rest for a while in any of the cafés along your way. If you’re still up for another hike, trudge down Escalante River until you find yourself in Hell’s Backbone, a notorious stretch but still a must see for adventurers and explorers.

These are only four or five out of the many more dazzling sights Utah has to offer. With more time in your hands and energy to spare, you can extend your adventure to Capitol Reef National Park, Utah’s least visited spot, with a landscape many say is comparable to Mars.


It’s Time to Stop and Not Think

thinkingWhen a non-practitioner looks at a yogi demonstrating the various poses and stretches that they use for their exercises, they’ll see nothing more than a person stretching various parts of their body. This is a form of yoga known as Asana, the physical postures that help tone the body. But, while Asana is the most widely practiced form of yoga, there’s more to it than the physical.

Stop Moving

There are several other aspects of yoga that involve a person’s mental and spiritual faculties, such as the drishti, which helps focus the gaze and settle the mind. Representatives from the Vagabond Temple explain the technique allows the yogi to fix their gaze on a single point to avoid visual stimuli, and other distracting thoughts. Drishti is just one of the simpler ways yoga can help people clear their mind, as well as exercise the body.

Yoga has always been famous for its ability to heal, and bring people peace of mind, but the details of how this is done have always been a bit blurry to non-practitioners. In order for people to understand the healing power of yoga, they’ll first need to accept the reality that the body accumulates stress and breaks down through the day.

Stop Thinking

Sitting in traffic, stressing in the office are all experiences that overstimulate the senses, making people feel more exhausted and spent. Practicing both the mental and physical aspects of yoga, lower the blood pressure and allow the blood to move freely throughout the body. When this happens, the body can shift its focus from keeping the various systems alert, and instead put all its effort into repairing the damage it suffered.

The practices that enable a yogi to do this are breathing meditation exercises known as pranayama. These exercises make the practitioner focus on their breathing and nothing else, this allows them to ease the fluctuations of the mind and keep people from thinking about anything else. Pranayama is useful for people have a tendency to overthink and stress about the past day, or the next.

Mental stress is often more damaging than physical ones, and last longer. Clear the mind and calm down by not thinking about anything, and everything will feel better.


6 Unconventional Flooring Creations

flooringAre you tired of seeing the same old floors day in and day out? If this is the case, then now is the best time to think of new options for your home. There are lots of ideas to get your creative juices flowing. You can even consider unique materials for your floors.

Here’s a list of six impressively unconventional ideas to help you decide:

  • Stepping on Belts

Lots of people are fans of transforming unwanted things and giving them new purpose. It’s not surprising that leather belts and other items have been used as flooring material. The unique aesthetic appeal of this flooring idea will never fail to fascinate visitors.

  • Very Shiny and Pink

Pink is one of the most popular colours, especially among women. You can cover an entire floor in pink latex paint to appeal to your feminine side. Something reminiscent of plastic, marble and candy best describes the outcome.

  • Disco in Your Home

There seems to be renewed interest in disco-inspired designs long after the disco age. A few home-improvement enthusiasts have transformed floors into highly reflective wonders, mainly by using perfectly-cut, silver-coated glass chips.

  • Stepping on Money

Have you collected countless coins throughout the years and are looking for some practical use for them? They could just be your new very special flooring! Simply glue identical coins onto the floor following your preferred design and then use a polyurethane floor sealant, such as those from A&I Coatings to lock them in. Yes, sane people have actually done this project.

  • Hands on the Floor

Some just paint their home’s floors using a regular paintbrush. The goal is not to cover the entire surface in one colour of paint, though, but to create unique patterns and swirls using complementary tones.

  • Nature’s Offerings

Those who have a strong connection with nature may choose flooring that combines the calming effect of wood with the undeniable elegance of stone. Alternating between light and dark-coloured timber creates jaw-dropping aesthetics.

Remember that before dabbling in interior design and just putting stuff on and in your floors, you have to check if these materials have to be protected. Read up on floor coatings to ensure your new flooring’s durability.