Kayaking in Alaska

Kayaking: How to Be Safe

Kayaking in AlaskaWater sports are not only exciting, they’re enjoyable as well. One of these is kayaking. It has become a popular sport, but there is always the possibility of injury while in the waters. There are a few safety tips that you could follow to make sure that you get back to the shore safely.

Beware of the weather conditions

You need to prepare yourself for any changes in weather conditions and the possibility of bad weather. In a bad weather, there are chances that the kayak would be capsized. If you are paddling in the cold water, it’s a good idea to have a wetsuit and extra clothes that will keep you warm and comfortable. On a hot sunny day, consider wearing a long sleeved shirt to protect you from the sun.

Wear your flotation device

The coast guard regulations require that if you are going out into the water you should have your flotation devices with you.

According to Above & Beyond Alaska, LLC, when you decide to rent kayaks in Alaska you should get a life jacket. In the case of anything, the life jacket will ensure that your head is above water. On top of that, it adds some insulation in the cold weather.

Carry water and food

If you are planning to be out paddling for a while, make sure you carry enough water and food. This ensures that you stay hydrated and energized. Make sure you have your helmet on if you are going to paddle in surf zones or in rivers as it could be dangerous.

When getting in the water remember the basic rule, never mix alcohol or drugs when you are out boating. Learn the proper paddling techniques and basic fast aid. If you follow these simple tips you are sure to get home safe.