Compelling ContentBrainstorming to create content for a client is a difficult task, especially if you and countless others have written and re-written the same kind of content. It is normal to hit a creative block in these situations. Very few people realize that inspiration is just under their noses.

For most people data means nothing more than a presentation of facts. But these numbers help you make compelling content that fascinates an audience.

Sales Data Provides Insights

Mining data provide you with trends and insights about your target market that you may overlook. Derive stories from numbers, as these show the behaviour of your target audience. As a writer, you need a lead to develop insightful content that piques the interest of your intended readers.

SEO copywriting companies like cite that using insight from sales data enable you to weave a coherent and share worthy story about a topic your audience likes. Make something humorous, provide a different perspective on a trend, or create a story with a unique angle. The sky’s the limit once you get inspiration from the data you have.

Patterns in Consumer Research

Consumer research provides you with interesting behavioural patterns of your target market. These quirks may start you with the content you want to create. Following trends and insights on what other people buy are human interest stories.

Start writing content with the data you have, or conduct another study for a more focused approach to writing. There are different ways to write content that captures the attention of an audience. Use the data gathered through consumer research to help you formulate your article.

Use Trends as Stories that Connect

Content is not just a slew of words, it has the power to connect with your audience at an emotional level. Hooking your audience emotionally helps convert at a higher rate and turns casual visitors into repeat customers.

Looking at industry news and trends gives you a lead and insights about the people you want to write for. Hone in on a certain aspect of the news or trend, and build a story from there.

Numbers and trends may seem like board room jargon, but these help you get leads on how your target audience thinks. Turn the data into compelling content to create killer articles for your clients.

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