ElectricianThe classic horror movie always begins with an electrical failure: the lights flicker and the familiar hum of appliances cuts out, leaving an eerie silence in their sudden absence. In the real world an electrical failure is rarely so dramatic.

For most of us, our first reaction is to get down and see if we can sort things ourselves. But when do you actually need an electrician? Here are a few scenarios when you might want to consider calling out the screwdriver brigade.

1. During a Power Cut Power outages can bring everything to a complete halt. Even a minor electrical disruption can result in major setbacks, especially for commercial establishments. In these situations, you need to call an emergency electrician. A good emergency electrician is available 24 hours and will be able to sort out the problem fast, leaving you and your family free to get on with your lives.

2. Faulty Plug Sockets DIY skills might mean you are confident to change a fuse yourself, but if it is anything else contact an electrician. If it is damp or you notice a funny smell around the socket, don’t take the chance. Contact a professional and guarantee your safety.

3. Major Rewiring Projects It’s always tempting to rely on your own DIY skills. But if you are planning renovation work and rewiring alongside it, it may well be worth considering getting someone to do the electrics for you. Bear in mind that any rewiring work needs to be done before you can start decorating.

With careful planning, it is cheaper and significantly more efficient to hire someone. Fullyampedelectrical.com.au suggests to look local for the best deals. If you live in South Perth is going to be better value for money than someone travelling in from a distance. And you’ll be supporting a local firm into the bargain.

4. If You Aren’t Sure Electricity is one of those things we tend to take for granted. It lights our homes and runs most of our devices. However, it’s also not a force to be messed with. One wrong move can be incredibly dangerous which is why most jobs are better left to professionals.

If you aren’t sure or if your house has old wiring or aluminum wiring that doesn’t meet the most rigorous modern safety standards, call someone in. It might be a standard job for a professional, but it’s much better to be safe than sorry.