homeYou want a home you can call your own. You want your own space — modern and chic. Most of all, you want it reasonably priced. According to The New Daily, this year, the prices of properties should rise by three percent after making gains of between 5-6% in 2014 and 10% in 2013. More homeowners in Perth have enjoyed this wonderful opportunity.

Steel kit homes are the latest housing fad. Introduced in the country as early as 1900s, kit homes can be a small and compact 1-bedroom home or as large as a 5-bedroom home where all the components necessary to build are done off site and delivered ready for assemble by a builder or an owner builder. These houses can either be packaged as individual framed panels that will be fitted together by the owner himself or as a pre-built house.

• Costs less than traditional home building

You can have one as low as $35,000. If you will build it on your own, your savings come around 25-35% of the costs. As compared to homebuilding the orthodox way, purchasing steel frames can save you as much as 40%.

• Takes much less time to build

You can assemble its components as fast as a week depending on the number of people building it and its size. People who choose steel kit homes can save not only thousands of dollars, but also months off of the build time.

• Has longer stability than lumber

Steel, compared to lumber, lasts longer and is more durable. It does not shrink or become rotten through time. They are designed to meet the highest wind and seismic rating of the national building codes.

• Can be customised based on your requirements

They can be designed based on your personal preferences. Some providers even offer design services.

Now is the best time to get yourself a steel kit home. Enjoy all these benefits!

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