Model HomeHome developers build a display home to show potential buyers what they can offer. It allows buyers to effectively visualise how their house will look like and think of possible modifications should they wish to add more features.

Did you know that you can actually buy a display home and get all the benefits that come with it? Below are five reasons why this is a good investment:

1. Display homes are in tip-top shape since they are model units that showcase what home developers can offer potential buyers. More importantly, you will be the home’s first residents. Although it is not really “new”, it will look and feel new.

2. It is common practice for developers to offer potential buyers the lease-back option. What this means is that the developers sell you the house and lease it from you, making them your tenants. The home comes with guaranteed rent for a specific amount of time and yields of 7% or higher than when it is leased out to any other person.

3. Display homes are normally located in the most sought after places and include superior finishing, lovely landscaping and upgrades that other homes in the area don’t have.

4. Developers may choose to sell the display house at a discounted price once their project is complete. The sale of the house will mean more money for them to use for other housing developments.

5. Buying display homes is the perfect choice if you have plans to build your home in the same vicinity. With the purchase, all you have to do is pack up your things and move.

Where to Buy Your Display Home

Developers like Perth’s offer two storey display homes along with other houses in different locations. When choosing from home developers, whether you’re looking for one storey or two storey homes, the key is to look at their portfolios and experiences in selling properties. Find a developer willing to answer all your questions—a few home building awards won’t hurt either. Buying a display home is a good investment, especially if you are looking to have it up for lease. See the benefits that come with owning a property in a prime location and get a steady source of income from it.

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