selling old jewelryYour jewelry box is chock full of things that you haven’t worn in years. Some of those pieces are older than you are, but that doesn’t mean you want to wear them to your sister’s wedding. The logical conclusion is to sell them off to free up some space and get some quick cash.

People sell for all sorts of reasons. They might want to fund a vacation, replace outdated pieces, or simply need to make ends meet. As this is likely a new and somewhat scary experience for you, there are some things that you should know first.

1. Appraising is important – It’s quite common for people to be very far off with their estimations when it comes to jewelry values. If you think that some of your heirlooms are very valuable, you should get a professional appraisal. Some jewelry stores even offer free, no obligation appraisals, which can save you a significant amount of cash.

2. Jeweler reputation is vital – Getting a good price depends a lot on where you choose to sell. There are unfortunately a few unethical dealers out there that will do everything they can to rip you off, like rushing you into a sale or opening with a ridiculously low offer. For your safety, go with trusted and established businesses.

3. It’s socially acceptable – Just a generation ago, selling any sort of jewelry was practically taboo. To many women, it was either tasteless or a sign of dire financial straits. Even seldom worn rings with no sentimental value ended up stashed away forever, taking up space for no good reason.

These days, that unreasonable stigma is all but gone, and no one will bat an eye if you come into the local jewelry shop to cash in your valuables. If anything, the industry is actively encouraging it by making the process fast and easy. Therefore, there’s no shame in asking for advice from your friends or family.

4. Tact is the sign of a professional – Professional jewelers don’t ask any embarrassing questions. They have seen people sell pretty much anything, and won’t bat an eye if you come in carrying an entire box filled with your mother’s antique brooches. You’ll be happy to find out that there’s no need to explain anything to anyone.

5. Stay away from private deals – While you’re trying to sell antique jewelry, warns that you might be tempted to just sell to another independent customer like you. This might be more profitable, but it’s also very time consuming and comes with plenty of risks. Thieves love targeting novice jewelry sellers, and they have many elaborate scams up their sleeve.

These tips will help you become more prepared to sell your old jewelry. Remember, you should take time to research; a few minutes of studying could save you hundreds of dollars.

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