flooringAre you tired of seeing the same old floors day in and day out? If this is the case, then now is the best time to think of new options for your home. There are lots of ideas to get your creative juices flowing. You can even consider unique materials for your floors.

Here’s a list of six impressively unconventional ideas to help you decide:

  • Stepping on Belts

Lots of people are fans of transforming unwanted things and giving them new purpose. It’s not surprising that leather belts and other items have been used as flooring material. The unique aesthetic appeal of this flooring idea will never fail to fascinate visitors.

  • Very Shiny and Pink

Pink is one of the most popular colours, especially among women. You can cover an entire floor in pink latex paint to appeal to your feminine side. Something reminiscent of plastic, marble and candy best describes the outcome.

  • Disco in Your Home

There seems to be renewed interest in disco-inspired designs long after the disco age. A few home-improvement enthusiasts have transformed floors into highly reflective wonders, mainly by using perfectly-cut, silver-coated glass chips.

  • Stepping on Money

Have you collected countless coins throughout the years and are looking for some practical use for them? They could just be your new very special flooring! Simply glue identical coins onto the floor following your preferred design and then use a polyurethane floor sealant, such as those from A&I Coatings to lock them in. Yes, sane people have actually done this project.

  • Hands on the Floor

Some just paint their home’s floors using a regular paintbrush. The goal is not to cover the entire surface in one colour of paint, though, but to create unique patterns and swirls using complementary tones.

  • Nature’s Offerings

Those who have a strong connection with nature may choose flooring that combines the calming effect of wood with the undeniable elegance of stone. Alternating between light and dark-coloured timber creates jaw-dropping aesthetics.

Remember that before dabbling in interior design and just putting stuff on and in your floors, you have to check if these materials have to be protected. Read up on floor coatings to ensure your new flooring’s durability.

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