Zion National ParkUtah is home to five national parks, six national forests, and seven national monuments. If this beauty spanning close to two million acres doesn’t make you pack your bags for a quick weekend trip or a long road trip, then you may want to rethink the adventures you go on.

You can visit all these astounding landscapes in one go or take it day by day while you find rest and relaxation in Utah’s StGeorgeClarionSuites.com and other equally grand hotels. Either way, it’s such a waste to not bear witness to the amazing outdoor riches.

Jaw Dropping Cliff Faces

Begin your exploration of Utah’s beauty with the charming little town of Springdale. From here, you can stock up on trail mix and water for the long drive and hike later. Head on over to Zion National Park, the country’s sixth most visited national park that boasts surreal cliffs and gorges in bright browns and reds.

Ease into the jaw dropping scenery with a modest hike until you reach Emerald Pools for a mid-afternoon dip. Head back to Springdale for a quiet dinner and prepare for another day of wandering. Drive by Red Canyon to take in the beautiful sights. A while later, you can check out the spectacular Bryce Canyon National Park.

Sandstone Spires and Arches

Bryce is everything you would see in postcards and more. It is an overwhelming exhibition of all nature is capable of. Take your time and let the dramatic vistas and sandstone spires and arches sink in. Hike down gently and marvel at the endless hoodoos spiking the sky.

Afterwards, get back out on Route 12 and rest for a while in any of the cafés along your way. If you’re still up for another hike, trudge down Escalante River until you find yourself in Hell’s Backbone, a notorious stretch but still a must see for adventurers and explorers.

These are only four or five out of the many more dazzling sights Utah has to offer. With more time in your hands and energy to spare, you can extend your adventure to Capitol Reef National Park, Utah’s least visited spot, with a landscape many say is comparable to Mars.

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