Room makeoverDoes your room look a little dull? Do you have trouble looking for things because of the clutter all around your room? If you’ve answered yes to both, it’s time you do some quick fixes and revamp your room.

Here are some ideas to get started on your room makeover:

Clear your room of clutter

Clean your room to determine the things that need quick fixing. This helps you determine the extent of the repairs you need to do. Collect the things you don’t need and put them inside a container—you can donate these or sell these in a yard sale.

Bring new elements in the space

As the renovation professionals of put it, the new elements will give your space a fresh look without costing you much. Change or wash your curtains, and see how this can make a big difference. Switch out the photos in your frames with new ones.

Repaint accessories to give them a more vibrant touch. Remove decorations that don’t complement your room to give space for new ones. Why not consider putting up a collage of your favourite Instagram pictures on your wall?

Rearrange and Organise

Rearrange your room’s layout. You might want to switch the position of your bed with your cabinet to give your room a new look. Reposition your study or working area in the brightest spot in your room.

Rearrange the items in your closet; colour coding or sorting your clothes according to style will make your wardrobe more organised. Give away clothes that you don’t need or use anymore. Use decorative bowls or trays to organize some of your things. Put your beauty products in a tray to minimise the clutter.

These ideas may seem simple, but these can make a big change in your space. The secret is not to overcomplicate things—remember, grand makeovers don’t always mean better.

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