snowAustralia mainly has hot, dry weather. Contrary to popular belief, however, snow does regularly fall in some parts of the country. In most cases, you will have to travel quite a distance if you come from Brisbane. If you plan to spend winter where it does snow, be sure to have the right snow gear.

Where does it snow in Australia?

The Snowy Mountains, or The Snowies, experiences snowfall the whole year round. It is located in New South Wales, and includes the five highest peaks on the continent, the highest of which is Mount Kosciuszko. It goes up to 2,228 metres above sea level.

Sometimes, it also snows in Tasmania and the High Country region of Victoria. More rarely, snow falls in some areas in South Australia, Western Australia, and Queensland. Brisbane is not one of them.

The rule of thumb, Snowscene explains, is to expect winter snows in areas that are between 1,250 and 2,200 meters above sea level.

When does it snow?

Except for The Snowies where it is always snowing, snow falls during the winter months. In Australia, this means June and July. To experience a white Christmas in Australia, you will be sadly disappointed unless you are above the snowline in The Snowies.

Where can you go skiing?

There are naturally many ski resorts in The Snowies for local and international tourists. Some of the best downhill ski resorts are in Mount Hotham, New South Wales, and Victoria. For cross-country skiing, you should check out Kosciuszko National Park. You will also like Namadgi National Park in the Australian Capital Territory and the Tasmanian Wilderness.

If you do not ski, you can go snowboarding, which is a very popular winter activity in Australia. Snow in Australia is a thrilling event. It is a rare chance for people in Brisbane and other low-lying areas in Australia to put their snow gear to good use.