Advice for Independence: When Your Child Leaves the Nest

Cheap Living in Little RockYour child is no longer a child. It’s time for him to find his own way in the world, and he has asked for your permission to let him do so. It’s that empty nest moment, but rather than look at this as a sad and frightening time, it is your responsibility to give advice.

Here are some practical words of wisdom that may come in handy when your young man starts a life on his own.

Work first, party later

Every youngster who’s new at total independence is excited to start partying. Don’t let him do that just yet. One party to celebrate his new place may be reasonable, but a nightly soiree is bad news. You can’t have him calling you every 15 days to ask for an allowance. He has to find a real job now. Advise him to save his money, set realistic goals, and work toward achieving them. Parties won’t get him there.

Don’t splurge on toys

That new flat needs appliances and furniture. He can’t spend all his money on an iPad, an Xbox, and a camera drone while he eats dinner on the futon. He needs his own things to make his place safe, comfortable, and presentable. They don’t have to be expensive things. In fact, he can buy used things for now, as these are inexpensive. He can buy appliances at Little Rock shops. But the sofa and everything with a cushion should always be brand new, for sanitary reasons.

Cook healthy meals

Show him where he can buy fresh produce and how to cook a few healthy meals. He can’t run to McDonald’s every time he’s hungry. Remind him that his health is his best asset right now, so he should take care of it well.

These are just three of the things every young person should know before they start living on their own. The best advice you can give your young son or daughter is everything you’ve learned when you were growing up and making your way in the world.