seo servicesWhen you do them right, both SEO and PPC will help drive people to your website and boost sales. The biggest difference is that you directly pay for the latter, and the traffic stops when the money does. So if you already have a strong SEO strategy, why should you even bother with paid search?

The answer is that SEO and PPC work best together. You won’t find a single SEO company in Perth that doesn’t also offer paid search services, and for good reason. Every business or agency that wants to stay competitive needs to integrate both in their online marketing strategy.

Why SEO and PPC are Synergistic

There are many ways that PPC can help round out your strategy. It gives you immediate results, helping you gain customers and build your brand while the SEO campaign is still in its early stages. The added security it offers is also valuable; if Google comes out with a new algorithm and you drop off the first page temporarily, your website traffic won’t suddenly run dry. Some other benefits include:

1. First page dominance – Even if you rank at the 1st spot for a certain keyword, remember that there are still two or three paid results on top of you. If you can rank both in the organic and paid results on the first page, you will capture a far greater percentage of the traffic. This will also make your business look well-established, as customers see it multiple times on the SERPs.

2. More and better data – Continuous data tracking and testing is the best way to gain an edge over the competition. Having a robust search strategy that includes both SEO and PPC gives you double the data to work with. You can find the best performing keywords, and gain valuable insights into how your customers think, act, and spend.

3. Develop your content – It is hard to tell how good copy on your website is at converting visitors, and it usually takes time before you can make a reliable conclusion. With PPC split testing, however, you can find out what kind of copy works best for your target audience in a matter of days. This will allow you to not just improve your SEO and PPC efforts, but create a high performing website in general.

Both SEO and PPC have functions beyond just delivering traffic to your website. If you want to get the most value from your website, you have to take advantage of both.

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