steaks and barbequesEating and the outdoors are two words highly associated with leisure activities in Western Australia. Combining the two, a nice afternoon barbeque always comes to mind. And even though it’s no longer summer, barbeques can be done all year round. They can be a fun-filled activity before the colder season begins.

To some, however, organising a barbeque can be an intimidating affair. But, it is actually a simple one. It can be a simple intimate gathering with the entire family or some of your closest friends. Here’s what you need.

Cooking Equipment

Bring out the grills and the skewers! If you are planning a nice outdoor dining experience for more than a dozen people, bring out the best tools you have at home. suggests hiring BBQ trailers that are essentially mobile barbeque pits. These can accommodate almost a hundred pounds of meat. Other than the cooking equipment, make sure you have ample dining and serving tables to accommodate your guests.


It would not be a barbeque without the meat. You can grill any type of meat you want: beef, pork, lamb, bird and fish, among others. If you are friends with the local outdoorsmen or the butcher, you can ask them for the finest cuts of meat. Any food will do, just as long as there is enough for everyone at the table.


A barbeque is essentially an outdoor party supplemented by the presence of deliciously roasted meat. It is a party, and parties need people. Make sure to invite friends and family to your banquet. They will not only contribute conversations and social interactions, but perhaps even help shoulder the cost as well. Your friends can also help you organise the program of the party from entertaining performances to just simply helping you on the grill.