The beach itself in MiamiMiami could stand as one of its famous tourist attractions, and the city being the vibrant tropical city of the US has made it a number one spot for the jet-setting party-goer.

There are more to expect in Miami than its breathtaking beach, nightlife, and skyline (the third in the US, after New York City and Chicago). Within neighboring areas, you can find the nation’s most eclectic attractions – from something erotic to something adventurous and finally something awesome to find underneath the ocean.

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World Erotic Art Museum

Where on earth can you find a museum that showcases all things nude and sexy? Prepare to be kinky with dominatrix Barbie dolls which show men who’s more dominant in bed and Kama Sutra-carved beds to match the dolls. There are likewise special collections in the museum that would make you grin!

Lock & Load Machine Gun Experience

Do you wish to feel like an action star for a day? Your adrenaline would surely fire up once you blast your automatic machine guns at specific targets in this place. No experience necessary and because you will be supervised, it’s completely safe.

Neptune Memorial Reef

You can see statues on land but what about underwater? Who says the fabled city of Atlantis is an urban legend? The Neptune Memorial Reef is the largest man-made reef ever built, complete with stone roads, carved lion statues, and city ruins that look like half an artistic homage to Atlantis and half memorial site. Yes, people can actually opt to have their remains cremated and interred forty feet below the ocean’s surface.

Your travel journey won’t be complete without trying out these bizarre tourist attractions. And while you enjoy sightseeing these splendid places, make sure to stay at one of Miami’s luxury rentals where they offer the finest hotel residences and mansions at affordable prices.