MacawBirds are awesome pets. They can drive your blues away without stressing you so much. Their funny antics, weird tricks, and lovely peeps all make them a pet worth caring for.

Sometimes, though, caring for a pet bird can be too taxing, especially when her behaviour goes out of control. Too much howling and pecking, and her desperate attempts to get out of her perch, can sometimes be an annoying experience.

As such, controlling your bird’s unwanted behaviour can help you make every moment with her a peaceful and worthwhile one.

Know Her Body Language

Understanding what your pet is saying will make your pet more controllable and less destructive. Know when your pet demands attention. It could be the unending turning around at her cage, or waving of her feet or wings. Observe her feathers, her eyes, and her body posture. It might be telling you that a chaotic moment is about to start, and so you can make steps in preventing such.

Provide Her Treats in an Exciting Manner

Your pet bird can still be destructive even when eating. As such, keeping her busy during meals could spell the difference between a chaotic and orderly meal time. Put her dinner treat inside a crumpled piece of newspaper, or inside an empty toilet roll. That way, you can keep her busy while eating, making her meal time more manageable and less noisy.

Keep Her Busy With Toys

By keeping your bird busy, you are preventing her to demand attention through howling and screaming. You can keep your bird pet busy by providing her toys. But it does not mean that you have to stuff many different toys at her cage all at once. One engaging toy at a time can keep her boredom away without making her cage cluttered and unbreathable.

You can buy pet and bird toys online, proven safe and effective in driving your pet’s blues away.

Your pet bird could be your ultimate source of calm. But before she can ever accomplish that, it is important for you to learn how to keep her calm and control her unwanted behaviours.

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