Take Your Business to New Heights with Digital Marketing

SEOLead your business towards success by learning the current trends in today’s digital marketing landscape. If you are planning to get into digital marketing, you must first determine the right tools for your company. Planning a digital marketing strategy plays a vital role in getting ahead of the competition. This helps in leveraging the ability of consumers to interact and engage with your business, making you stand out more.

Here are a few strategies to get you started with your marketing campaigns:

Use the Power of Social Networks

Use different social channels to get closer and interact with customers. Over the past several years, the growth of different social media sites like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest, YouTube, and many more is massive. Along with this popularity is the fast growing social media audience.

According to eMarketer’s report (2013), the number of social network users around the world will continue to rise from 1.47 billion in 2012 to 1.73 billion in 2013 – a total 18% increase. By 2017, the global social network audience will amount to 2.55 billion. You can utilize these social networks to engage your consumers and present your brand, which, in turn, helps you in generating sales.

Get ahead with Search Engine Optimization (SEO) Practices

Ask any digital marketing company in Minnesota; they will tell you how a targeted SEO strategy can increase your customer numbers. This helps you improve your leads and grow your business. SEO allows you to tap into a wider audience, which helps in your better brand exposure. Google and other search engines show the rankings of a website or a local listing based on what they consider most relevant to users.

Through SEO marketing, your business’s website can get more exposure from specific users who are actively searching for products and services. This type of digital marketing is also one of the most cost-effective ways of taking your business to a new level.

The digital landscape is changing the direction of marketing. This provides businesses more opportunities to stay afloat in the competition.

Effective Advertising using Fleet Wraps

A Strong Presence Calls for Effective Advertising Strategies

Effective Advertising using Fleet WrapsMaintaining a strong presence and getting your message across your target customers is no easy feat. You need to have a well-planned strategy to catch the attention of your target market. Successful business owners pay a significant amount just to attract more clients, but this does not always have to be the case.

Here are marketing ideas that will help you achieve results minus the high costs:

Fleet Wraps

Fleet wrap is like a mini-billboard that you can install on vehicles. The mobility of fleet wraps offers more exposure for your business, making it easier to reach your target audience wherever the vehicle goes. You can customize the design of the wrap to match your business logo or feature eye-catching graphics. With its ease of use and low cost advertising rate, fleet wraps make a cost-effective option for promoting your business.

Online Blogs and Social Networking

Whatever your products or services may be, the Internet is one of the most effective ways you can reach your target audience. Almost all everyone go online for two major reasons: to research and to go on social networks.

As online users are always hungry for information, you can write blogs and link them to your business site. You can even share your blog posts on social networking sites to start discussions with your target customers. The more you share information, the more opportunities you can get for your business.

Business Partners

Collaborating with other businesses that are somehow related or are completely different from yours is an effective way of advertising. Think of this as a mutual relationship between businesses. One will publicize the products or services of another, and vice versa.

If there’s anyone who has a strong influence on your business, it will always be your customers. No matter how effective your advertising strategies may be, customers will remain loyal to your business if you provide the best value.

Things that Advertising Can’t Do for Your Business

What Advertising Can’t Solve for Your Business

Things that Advertising Can’t DoYou’re opening a new business. The brand you franchise is increasingly gaining popularity, but is yet to reach the market you’re planning to tap. You saw its promising revenue potential based on your feasibility study, but first things first: you need to get the word out.

Many first-time (or even experienced) entrepreneurs see advertising as a magic pill that can turn any new or ailing ventures into profitable businesses. True enough, informing your target market and influencing their purchase decisions do wonders for your sales. But, any leading advertising agency would tell you it’s not an all-in-one solution for everything.

Advertising is highly beneficial for your business in many ways, but can’t:

Generate Substantial Sales Immediately

It may take time for advertising to bear fruit. To think that merely communicating the exact message you want to deliver to your prospective buyers will miraculously boost your bottom line overnight is only an illusion. Without persistence and consistency, even the cleverest and most on-point advertising message would lose its power in slowing building your sales.

Resolve Cash Flow Problems

If your business has suddenly lost the high level of liquidity you used to enjoy, don’t point your finger on advertising too quick. Your products may be well-promoted, but if there’s a seasonal drop in demand, for instance, then you must test the waters to keep your business profitable. Overinvestment, overstocking, and overtrading are also the most common causes of cash flow challenges.

Make Up for Poor Customer Service

There’s no substitute to subpar customer service. Customer un-satisfaction can single-handedly affect your sales profoundly. Even if your marketing is faultless, your products are superior and your pricing is unbeatable, doing nothing to remedy poor customer service is the fastest way to deter new and loyal customers.

Thoughtful advertising is advantageous for your business. But, you need to manage your expectations and use this marketing technique for the right reasons.


The Problem with TV Hospitality

TvThe services a hotel offers can be divided into two groups – luxury and essentials. The luxury items are the little extras that can make a guest’s stay a little more memorable, like placing chocolate mints on the pillows. The essentials, on the other hand, are the things that will cause guests to walk to another hotel if they’re not available, like a TV.

Spoilt for Choice

Every hotelier worthy of the name would never dare let any guest enter a room without a working TV. It’s just one of those strange things in the hospitality industry that are just true, regardless of the circumstances of the situation. But having a working television isn’t enough; the device will only serve its purpose if it keeps guests entertained in their rooms, and that means subscribing to the right channels.

This is a conundrum every new hotel never anticipates; sure, they can get basic cable, but that’s a death sentence for any establishment that wants to have any stars attached to their name. How can they possibly choose? Every person has different tastes in entertainment; it’s virtually impossible to satisfy them all.

Choosing Solutions

One of the best ways to cover as much ground on these channel gaps as possible is by collaborating with services like These companies can provide more than a hundred channels as part of guest television packages, which should be more than enough to satisfy even the most discerning guest. But there is a very good rule that hoteliers can use if they want to get a better idea of what they can do regarding their TV situation.

Hoteliers always need to remember to know their clientele, as well as their needs. This is a very basic concept, especially in hospitality management, but it’s one that can make the question of TV channels much easier to deal with. If the majority of the guests are executives, for example, then they’ll benefit most from news channels, from both local and international stations. The latter will keep them abreast of what’s going on in their industry, while the former lets them know how best to apply those to the local business setting.

The TV problem is one that all hoteliers will have to deal with at one time or another, and it’s best that they decide on what to do about it sooner rather than later.

seo services

What Makes an SEO Report Effective?

seo servicesThere’s no such thing as a chain of command, because a chain is a straight line that means it has to end somewhere. People know that this isn’t an accurate reflection of the business world, because even the highest officer in a company answers to somebody else. In the case of many service providers, the real “boss” is the client, and they’re the most demanding superiors anyone can have.

The Importance of Clear Reporting

The SEO industry is no exception, and some would even say that they have it a bit harder than everyone else. This is because they have to explain their results to their clients while they show it. For example, if an SEO company presents their client with a series of white label SEO solutions, they have to ensure that the people on the other end of the table know exactly what’s going on.

Companies usually have one shot to earn their client’s trust when reporting results. If the company can make a client understand what’s going on with their campaigns in a few pages, it’ll be difficult to shake their faith going forward. This is why the formulation of reports that anyone can understand is one of the most important phases of interacting with a client. But how does an SEO company create such a report?

Directing Attention

One of the biggest obstacles that stops a client from understanding a report is when they don’t know what exactly they should be looking for—or at. The first thing a company can do for their clients is highlighting the most important aspects that tell the most accurate story regarding their website’s health.

Once that’s out of the way, companies can actually get down to the details of the report, but they should also remember not to get too into enthusiastic about them. SEO is a data driven industry, which means numbers—numbers that clients will have a hard time reading. Learn to strike a balance between data and explanation, and again, direct the client’s attention to the parts of the report that matter the most.

Crafting a report isn’t always easy; in fact, it has to be near perfect to satisfy a client’s questions. But knowing how to make a report easier for a client to understand will allow a company a fighting chance to hit the right marks more often.

Efficiency of Business

How Does PAS 55 Benefit Your Business?

Efficiency of BusinessLooking at today’s economy, businesses of all functions are seeing the importance of having good asset management. To have a clear picture of your company’s overall performance, you may look into cost regulation, price management and increased asset value. This is where your business can turn to the Publicly Available Specification, or the PAS 55.

Improves efficiency of the business

The PAS 55 has two important roles: first, it discusses the specifications on how a business should manage its physical assets and the required processes and measures involved. Second, it provides guideline on how to meet these requirements.

They specify processes involved in tactical planning, maintenance of asset, allocation of resources, and management of schedule.

Regardless of your business, following the guidelines provided by PAS 55 will make way for more regulated costs and optimised productivity. They encourage your company to reduce current time-based work and use a risk-based management approach.

In addition, they help you create procedures to cover the entire asset base and formulate strategies that adhere to your company’s overall strategy.

Improves organisation’s reputation

The PAS 55 is internationally recognised as a universal language discussing good practises in asset management, covering all measures from lifecycle strategies to everyday maintenance.

Today, there is more emphasis on the need to comply with the regulatory standards set by governmental institutions. This requires all businesses to increase their level of professionalism in delivering their services. Compliance with the PAS 55 standard not only helps in product delivery but in strengthening your business’ reputation.

Although many frameworks have come out recently, they will not be replacing the PAS 55 soon. Since it came out in 2004, global industries have relied on its standards for enhanced overall performance and ultimately, improved reputation.

Many EAM providers are seeking to align with the PAS 55 standard to meet increased requirements in asset management. One of their future challenges includes assuring environmental and legal compliance to meet workable manufacturing requirements.


Make Your Team Fly: 3 Ideas to Motivate Your People

TeamCutthroat competition is the norm for businesses across the globe, and star employees are getting harder to find—and keep. The unfortunate reality for companies is that generous paychecks is often not enough.

It doesn’t matter how large or small your company is, or what industry you’re in. If you are having trouble inspiring your people, some of them will leave and your business will not go very far for very long.

There are no magic pills or bullets when it comes to encouraging people to come and stay, but here are some timeless ideas to help in the same effort:

Use the Hawthorne Effect

The Hawthorne Effect is a basic principle of human motivation. For years, it has helped many organizations revolutionize their practice of leadership.

Always talk about possibilities and production. Be upbeat, and always shift to positivity. Simply telling the employees, “I know this is a busy time, but we can do this,” will work. Praising them, as long as it’s genuine and timely, will work wonders, too.

Hire a Motivational Speaker

As human beings, we need other people to tell us that what we do is good or not. We need someone who can actually convince us that life means more than just a 9 to 5 job. As a manager, business owner, or CEO, you probably have neither the time nor the patience to talk to your employees about motivation. Like many other corporations, try to organize monthly seminars and conferences, and then hire a motivational conference speaker to do the talking.

Practice One-to-One Management

The one-to-one management exists because of the idea that no two employees are alike.

Using one-to-one management for employee motivation involves knowing individuals and rewarding them according to their individual likes and hobbies. For instance, if an employee who loves the beach did something great for the company, let them go on vacation and maybe arrange a beach trip for them. Not only will this technique help you give them personalized rewards for motivation, but will also help you understand what you can do when an employee or an employee’s family needs extra help.

The success of any business rests in a large part of how motivated the workforce is. Try these timeless ideas today—and watch your team fly tomorrow.


7 Mistakes to Avoid When Launching Your AdWords Campaign

SEOManaging an AdWords campaign poses plenty of challenges. Due to budget constraints and minimal understanding of how AdWords function, some sites are not properly optimized. In turn, businesses do not reach the full capacity of their digital marketing strategies.

It’s not too late to change that, though. By integrating the right methodologies, you can set your campaign towards the right direction.

Below are the seven common mistakes that you need to avoid in your AdWords campaigns:

1. Nonspecific Geo-targeting

Most businesses target broad areas when they are supposed to limit their reach to a specific niche in their local market.

2. Generic Ad Groups

Having ad groups that are generic or uncategorized makes your ad less relevant. If you use irrelevant keywords, your ads will not your target audience. This will only waste your time and money. As C1 Partners advise businesses, it’s best to choose your target keywords, geography, and demographics.

3. Unfocused Ads

While these may reach a broader audience, unfocused ads can also waste valuable clicks. As searchers think that they are clicking on a completely different brand or business, they tend to bounce from your ad.

4. Unlimited Cost per Click (CPC) Bids

Uncapped auto spend on CPC will cost you money and will not help your cause. You need to adjust your bids according to your geo-targeted ads.

5. Ads Without Negative or Relevant Keywords

If you do not use negative and relevant keyword match types, you will be luring irrelevant audiences to click on your ads. This will also lower the quality score of your ads.

6. Not Implementing Conversion Tracking

Conversion tracking is crucial in determining if your ads are earning or costing you money. This also helps you measure visitor-to-customer rates.

7. Wrong Landing Pages

Landing page relevancy is important in retaining visitors. If your ads point to a different landing page, visitors will most likely bounce from your site.

Optimizing and managing an AdWords campaign require the necessary experience and digital marketing skills. With the way things are in today’s digital landscape, the smallest solutions can make a big difference when it comes to staying ahead with competitors.


Why the Twitter-Google Deal is Important

TwitterThere were several pieces of important SEO news that broke in the early months of 2015, with Google’s new mobile algorithm chief among them. Almost getting lost in all of the mobile hullabaloo is the new agreement between Google and Twitter, which promises to leave some lasting changes on the Internet. But, what does such a partnership mean for the people and businesses that depend on their online and social media presence?

The partners haven’t made all the details of the deal known yet, but all analysts agree that such a deal will grant enormous benefits to both companies. What those benefits actually are will need a bit more explaining. SEO marketers from explain that companies can gain a lot from a social media standpoint, but only if they make the necessary adjustments.

The Most Important Element

In order to understand Google’s rationale for buying Twitter, people need to understand the company’s motivation for everything it does – timely information. Anyone looking at Twitter’s numbers will quickly realise that a partnership based on the idea of mutual profit won’t last very long.

Twitter holds a special place in entrepreneurial history by being the biggest company that doesn’t post exceptional profits from its operations. The instant messaging site defies all traditional rules of business by operating out of losses for several quarters, and still maintains its status as one of the world’s most recognisable brands.

Information is Everything

Why would any company – especially Google – enter a partnership with such a business model? Because Twitter has something Google wants – information, and lots of it. Twitter users generate nearly nine thousand tweets per second; Google can only externally index information at around eight thousand seven hundred tweets per second.

This means Google falls behind by three thousand tweets every ten seconds, which doesn’t sit well with the company at all. The agreement gives the browser access to the aptly named Twitter firehose, allowing them to keep up with the constant stream of information. This allows users to search a tweet as soon as the Tweeter pushes the Publish button.

Workplace Station

Science Speaks: The Picture of a Perfect Workplace

Workplace StationDid you know that even the slightest details, like desk shapes or furniture arrangement in your workspace could affect employee productivity? If you are planning a major office makeover soon, don’t stop at imitating design ideas from the magazines. So many studies reveal how you can have a workspace that not only speaks sophistication, but also creates a conducive environment for employee productivity.

Learn from science; here’s a brief illustration of the perfect workplace:

Personalized Spaces

Allowing employees to make decisions on how to arrange a personal workspace gives them a greater sense of control. This is empowering, which helps employees be more motivated.

One study shows that employees who were able to personalize their space with photos and plants were 32% more productive than those who were not. This is why cubicles are a wiser choice than open office plans. Experts from explain that partitions help minimize distractions, reduce office noises and provide employees a sense of privacy.

Rounded Furniture and Layout

Choose rounded and curved fixtures, instead of the typical, straight-edged ones when shopping around for furniture to use in the revamped office space. Experts say that this kind of environment stimulates positive feelings. When employees are in a good mood, you can guarantee creative output and productive performance.

The round principle doesn’t only apply to furniture, though. It extends to the way you set it all up. A round layout in your office improves the sense of being part of a team. Sitting in circles stimulates a collective attitude, while sitting in straight lines creates a greater sense of individuality. If you’re aiming to strengthen teamwork, go for rounded layouts.

Pops of Color

Different colors have a way of influencing moods and productivity. For instance, the color green is usually linked to growth. Researchers say that this extends beyond the physical, and into the psychological. Shades of green improves creativity. Red, on the other hand, helps employees focus on tasks that involve attention to detail.

Add pops of color to the space. You can do something drastic like paint your walls or bring in large works of art. Or, you may simply choose to get furniture with pops of color.

This is the picture of a perfect workspace. Design your work environment with these elements and see the difference in productivity.