Kayaking in Alaska

Kayaking: How to Be Safe

Kayaking in AlaskaWater sports are not only exciting, they’re enjoyable as well. One of these is kayaking. It has become a popular sport, but there is always the possibility of injury while in the waters. There are a few safety tips that you could follow to make sure that you get back to the shore safely.

Beware of the weather conditions

You need to prepare yourself for any changes in weather conditions and the possibility of bad weather. In a bad weather, there are chances that the kayak would be capsized. If you are paddling in the cold water, it’s a good idea to have a wetsuit and extra clothes that will keep you warm and comfortable. On a hot sunny day, consider wearing a long sleeved shirt to protect you from the sun.

Wear your flotation device

The coast guard regulations require that if you are going out into the water you should have your flotation devices with you.

According to Above & Beyond Alaska, LLC, when you decide to rent kayaks in Alaska you should get a life jacket. In the case of anything, the life jacket will ensure that your head is above water. On top of that, it adds some insulation in the cold weather.

Carry water and food

If you are planning to be out paddling for a while, make sure you carry enough water and food. This ensures that you stay hydrated and energized. Make sure you have your helmet on if you are going to paddle in surf zones or in rivers as it could be dangerous.

When getting in the water remember the basic rule, never mix alcohol or drugs when you are out boating. Learn the proper paddling techniques and basic fast aid. If you follow these simple tips you are sure to get home safe.

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Yes, Your Favourite Food Can Stain Your Teeth

Dental Clinic in BrisbaneFoods and drinks that contain chromogens, tannins and acids can ruin your smile. The pigments in chromogens cling to tooth enamel; the tannins make it easier for stains to stick to the teeth, and the acids make the enamel softer and rougher allowing stains to set in easily. Read on to find the most common culprits that discolour your pearly whites.

Tea and Coffee

These popular beverages are not ideal for a bright and shiny smile. Tea contains acids and tannins. Coffee is high in chromogens and is also very acidic, according to Smile Time Family Dental. Family dental care professionals in Brisbane recommend taking these beverages in moderation.

Red and White Wine

Red wine is very acidic, is high in chromogens and has lots of tannins. Although white wine doesn’t have a pigmentation, its acids and tannins make it easy for other types of stains.


All sodas are acidic and dark cola has chromogens. The acids expose teeth to stains from other foods.

Food Dye

Brightly coloured lollipops, candy, ice pops and sweetened drinks contain aggressive colouring that can stick on teeth.

Pasta Sauce

Pasta sauce is acidic. Its pigmentation and tendency to cling to teeth can also leave your pearly whites at risk of discoloration.


This spice has a deep pigmentation than can gradually yellow your teeth. Limit the amount of curry in your diet and eat fresh fruits and vegetables before eating curry-spiced food.

Balsamic Vinegar

This healthy salad dressing has a dark colour and a tendency to stick to teeth. To prevent staining, include some lettuce in salads with balsamic vinegar.


As healthy as they are, berries can stain your teeth. Their acids and pigmentation are responsible for the potential teeth staining.

You can prevent teeth discoloration and preserve your bright smile by choosing a healthy diet and adopting some healthy habits. Eat the less healthy foods and drinks in moderation. Use a straw and rinse your mouth with water if you can’t brush right away. Regular flossing and dental visits to can also help preserve your pristine smile.

Israeli cuisine

4 Exciting Ways to Enjoy Your Trip to Israel

Israeli cuisineIsrael, known as the Holy Land, is one of the most visited places on Earth. It is a land where old and new exist side by side.

If you are planning to go to Israel for your LDS trip, CruiseLady.com suggests the following thrilling activities to do and exciting places to see:

1. The Negev Desert

This fascinating desert covers over half of Israel. It is a tourist hub that is famous for its stunning landscape, especially when it transforms into a colorful field during springtime.

The best time to visit the place is the month of February. There are various activities to do during this time, since many tourists yearn to glimpse its beautiful scenery. It is definitely a must-see when you visit the country.

2. Tel Aviv

This is the city most people think of when talking about modern Israel. Tel Aviv is considered as the multiethnic heart of the country.

With seemingly endless museums and galleries, historical, archaeological sites, along with an active nightlife and a laid-back atmosphere, a month’s stay wouldn’t even suffice to explore this small, yet exciting city.

3. Desert Activities

One of the most exhilarating things you can do is to go sandboarding on the dunes. Experience the thrill by sliding down on a board and doing stunts. You can also explore the rugged landscape on an all-terrain vehicle. Don’t forget to keep an eye out for the unique wildlife too!

4. Israeli Cuisine

Flavorful spices, fresh ingredients and scrumptious tastes–these are all characteristics of traditional Israeli food. A typical Israeli breakfast features vegetables, eggs and cheese, while a classic lunch or dinner will include schnitzel, various salads with hummus and tahini on the side. Savor each delectable meal on your plate.

These are just some suggestions to make your trip more exciting. Being with like-minded travelers adds to the enjoyment of visiting one of the most storied countries in the world.

Zion National Park

A Quick Weekend Trip in Utah’s National Parks

Zion National ParkUtah is home to five national parks, six national forests, and seven national monuments. If this beauty spanning close to two million acres doesn’t make you pack your bags for a quick weekend trip or a long road trip, then you may want to rethink the adventures you go on.

You can visit all these astounding landscapes in one go or take it day by day while you find rest and relaxation in Utah’s StGeorgeClarionSuites.com and other equally grand hotels. Either way, it’s such a waste to not bear witness to the amazing outdoor riches.

Jaw Dropping Cliff Faces

Begin your exploration of Utah’s beauty with the charming little town of Springdale. From here, you can stock up on trail mix and water for the long drive and hike later. Head on over to Zion National Park, the country’s sixth most visited national park that boasts surreal cliffs and gorges in bright browns and reds.

Ease into the jaw dropping scenery with a modest hike until you reach Emerald Pools for a mid-afternoon dip. Head back to Springdale for a quiet dinner and prepare for another day of wandering. Drive by Red Canyon to take in the beautiful sights. A while later, you can check out the spectacular Bryce Canyon National Park.

Sandstone Spires and Arches

Bryce is everything you would see in postcards and more. It is an overwhelming exhibition of all nature is capable of. Take your time and let the dramatic vistas and sandstone spires and arches sink in. Hike down gently and marvel at the endless hoodoos spiking the sky.

Afterwards, get back out on Route 12 and rest for a while in any of the cafés along your way. If you’re still up for another hike, trudge down Escalante River until you find yourself in Hell’s Backbone, a notorious stretch but still a must see for adventurers and explorers.

These are only four or five out of the many more dazzling sights Utah has to offer. With more time in your hands and energy to spare, you can extend your adventure to Capitol Reef National Park, Utah’s least visited spot, with a landscape many say is comparable to Mars.


Activities for a White Christmas in Australia

snowAustralia mainly has hot, dry weather. Contrary to popular belief, however, snow does regularly fall in some parts of the country. In most cases, you will have to travel quite a distance if you come from Brisbane. If you plan to spend winter where it does snow, be sure to have the right snow gear.

Where does it snow in Australia?

The Snowy Mountains, or The Snowies, experiences snowfall the whole year round. It is located in New South Wales, and includes the five highest peaks on the continent, the highest of which is Mount Kosciuszko. It goes up to 2,228 metres above sea level.

Sometimes, it also snows in Tasmania and the High Country region of Victoria. More rarely, snow falls in some areas in South Australia, Western Australia, and Queensland. Brisbane is not one of them.

The rule of thumb, Snowscene explains, is to expect winter snows in areas that are between 1,250 and 2,200 meters above sea level.

When does it snow?

Except for The Snowies where it is always snowing, snow falls during the winter months. In Australia, this means June and July. To experience a white Christmas in Australia, you will be sadly disappointed unless you are above the snowline in The Snowies.

Where can you go skiing?

There are naturally many ski resorts in The Snowies for local and international tourists. Some of the best downhill ski resorts are in Mount Hotham, New South Wales, and Victoria. For cross-country skiing, you should check out Kosciuszko National Park. You will also like Namadgi National Park in the Australian Capital Territory and the Tasmanian Wilderness.

If you do not ski, you can go snowboarding, which is a very popular winter activity in Australia. Snow in Australia is a thrilling event. It is a rare chance for people in Brisbane and other low-lying areas in Australia to put their snow gear to good use.

Snowboard Bag

What Your Snowboard Shouldn’t Be Without: Investing in the Perfect Snowboard Bag

Snowboard BagHeading up to the slopes to snowboard? A great snowboard bag is necessary to safeguard your snowboard during your travel. And while a high-quality snowboard bag may cost a few dollars more than the usual, you’ll rest easy knowing that your valuable snowboard will not be damaged in the event of an unfortunate accident.

Erik’s Bike Shop Inc. shares some tips on how to choose the perfect snowboard bag:

When investing in your own snowboard bag, you can choose between nylon or polyester materials; make sure however that they have a 600D thread count at the least to ensure that it will hold up to the usual wear and tear.

They should also be waterproof so that you only have to clean them with a damp cloth once they show typical dirt marks during your travels. More importantly, however, waterproof snowboard bags will make sure other equipment you choose to stash in the bag won’t get wet as well. The waterproof lining will also prevent mold from colonizing your bag.

Look closely at the bag’s zippers, stitching, and straps. Make sure the straps and stitching are perfectly made with no loose ends and uneven sections. Zippers should also be very sturdy as they will be frequently used. When it comes to size, your main consideration is the size of your snowboard and whether you plan on storing other snowboarding gear in your bag or not.

To Sling or Wheel

Snowboard bags come in wheeled and non-wheeled versions. Ultimately, the main factor here is your convenience when traveling and whether you prefer wheeling your snowboard bag or simply slinging it on your shoulder. You can also choose between unpadded and padded options. An example of great snowboard bags are Burton snowboards bags known for their highly durable yet surprisingly lightweight qualities.

Since you’ve already coughed up a considerable amount of cash for your snowboard, it would be heartbreaking if it gets damaged before you even get to your snowboarding destination. The right bag will be your best friend when safeguarding your snowboard as you travel to the slopes.


Colorado: The Great Adventure

ColoradoThe state of Colorado is one of the most popular tourist destinations in the United States, and for good reason. From large flat lands to towering mountains, the “Centennial State” is the best place to go if you are looking for an adventure. Here are three of the most popular today:

Rocky Mountain National Park

When you think of Colorado, the Rocky Mountain National Park will be among the first things that will pop in your mind. Located in the front range of the world-famous Rocky Mountains, it features breathtaking mountain views and lakes, along with a variety of wildlife. It is noted for its extreme weather patterns, as well. It also offers easy access to backcountry trails and campsites.

Most visitors trek to Rocky Mountain National Park for hiking and backpacking. Horseback riding and rock climbing are now popular activities, as well.

Colorado River

The Colorado River is the state’s main water way and actually passes through the Grand Canyon. Steamboats once traversed this mysterious river, but it is now famous for its many white water rapids. Companies in Colorado offer white water rafting services if you are looking for an exciting and unique experience down this mighty river. The river way is also a popular hiking and camping ground due to its scenic views and fresh atmosphere.

Some companies even offer rafting in Arkansas Rivers. According to American Adventure Expeditions, “Conquering the Arkansas River, North America’s most popular river, is nothing short of a marvelous experience. The Ark, as the locals call it, is the ultimate destination and one of the best in the world!”

If you are looking for a more serene tour of the area, you can also go kayaking through the caves. Though not as adrenaline pumping as going down the river, the sights you will see are simply amazing.

Mesa Verde National Park

This world heritage site is also one of the largest archeological sites in the entire country. The main highlight of your trip here are the ancient cliff dwellings built by the Ancestral Puebloans. The Cliff Palace is the largest of the cave dwellings and is a truly remarkable sight. Though largely abandoned, this ancient structure is well preserved and is mysterious as it is enchanting.

Whether you are white river rafting or touring an ancient city, Colorado has a lot to offer for the thrill-seeking tourist. The next time you plan your vacation, book a trip to Colorado for that great adventure.


5 Things You Can’t Miss in Perth

PerthWhen in West Australia, there’s no better place to explore than Perth. It features plenty of attractions and activities that will interest any traveller no matter their taste. You can also explore and experience so many things even on a tight budget.

Hire a car in Perth airport and check out some of these places:

Experience the Culture

There are establishments that offer free movie screenings and fitness classes like tai chi and yoga. The WA Museum features exhibits that will tell you more about the country’s history, such as the story of the Aboriginal people.

Take a Tour

There are volunteer tour guides around the city that can take you to different places depending on the theme you chose. If you want more freedom or explore the city solo, download travel guides and audiobooks and give yourself a tour.

Leisurely Drive

Don’t miss beautiful spots like Kings Park and botanical gardens during your visit. Revel in the beautiful views of Swan River. Drive through Fremantle port and learn more about the town’s history. You can also take ferry rides when you visit Shoalwater Islands Marine Park.

Enjoy a Beach Day

No less than 19 beaches are within driving range of the city. Whether you’re hoping for a quiet day of lounging on the sand or exploring the seas with your snorkel, there’s a beach that will meet your preferences.

Seek Thrill and Adventure

If you’re looking for something a bit more extreme, Perth has facilities for air balloon rides and even skydiving. You can even rent out a charter plane or helicopter and fly over the city to get a unique view of the gorgeous land.

You can make the most out of your trip to Perth regardless of how long you’re staying or how much money you have on you. Don’t be afraid to try something new or venture out of your usual interests. You’ll never know what activity or attraction might make the trip truly unforgettable.

Travel safely

Getting Travel Insurance: What You Should Watch Out For

Travel safelyHotel accommodations, an itinerary that takes you to the best attractions, and shopping money are some of the biggest things to worry about when traveling. These, however, make up only the first part of the planning process. All travellers also need to think about health and other emergencies for a stress-free vacation. Listing down the activities you want to accomplish and finding the right hotel are important, but preparing for any untoward incidences is necessary.

Travel insurance is simply a necessity you cannot do without. There are many options, so you need to know about the specifics. You do not want to be in for a nasty surprise, when all you want is some relaxation.

Cover for Pre-Existing Conditions

First things first. Determine if there are chronic diseases or medical conditions that companies do not cover. Industry professionals, such as PacificPrime.hk, note that travel insurance providers can cover them as long as the traveller submits an application. Medical consultants need to evaluate the case first, then they will provide an answer regarding the scope of coverage.

Age Limit

Does the insurance provider specify an age limit as part of their policy conditions? Sometimes, there are limits to insurance coverage. For instance, coverage can be limited if the travel is cut short by disease or death for those over the age of 70.

Supplementary Covers

This type of coverage serves as protection against sudden trip cancellations or non-medical issues, such as theft, travel delay, baggage delay or property damage. Preparing for the unexpected may seem like you are a negative thinker, but it is a good way to protect yourself against any problems. For every travel insurance, there is a specific maximum cover per person, per trip for non-medical options.

Bridlington beach area

5 Tourist Attractions and Outdoor Activities at Bridlington

Want to try something differentBridlington beach area while on vacation or on retreat? Bridlington offers a peaceful and quiet environment to stay in, enjoy the outdoors and shop at the same time.

Here are 5 reasons Bridlington is just the place to hang out, as compiled by Bridlington Holiday Cottages.


A beach bum would surely love the many beaches within a short drive from your holiday cottage. The Wilsthorpe beach with its rolling sand dunes is just a mile away. A little further is Skipsea with a few shops and cafes. To the north of Bridlington is the magnificent Flamborough Head that offers breathtaking stretches of sand and white pebbles; cliffs, sea caves, coves and stacks.

Animals and Wildlife

Between April and September, over 20,000 nesting seabirds including puffins migrate in Bridlington. Just next door is the Park Rose Birds of Prey and Wildlife Park where children can pet birds, visit Meerkat Mountain and Wallaby Woods, and feed goats and chickens.


Trace Bridlington’s history by visiting stately homes and historic houses such as the Burton Agnes, an Elizabethan manor house still lived in by descendants of the original owner. You can also discover the many beautiful examples of stained glass in churches across the county, while one of England’s most beautiful towns, Beverley, is just twenty miles away. Here you can find the thirteenth century minster, medieval and Georgian architecture and unique shops.

Sports Activities

How about some exercise? Cyclists can explore quiet country lanes; there are challenging and more gentle routes of the Wolds for mountain bikers, and nearby stables offer guided treks for both novice and experienced horse riders. In the meantime if you like playing golf, why not join any of Bridlington’s three local clubs that accommodates all visitors?


About an hour’s drive away, Hull is a cosmopolitan city where you can spend a day discovering the 6,300 different fishes at the deep housed in spectacular aquariums. There are also free museums you can visit including the Spurn Lightship.

Bridlington is a place of interest, and for explorers who want to explore every nook and cranny if this place, there is nary a time that they would feel jaded. Of course, after each day of going about, why not retire to the best accommodations Bridlington has to offer?