Miley CyrusDental surgery and dental implants in Murray are becoming a bit of a trend. After all, even A-list celebrities are getting them to achieve that dreamy Hollywood smile. Gone are the days when you thought that dental implants and surgeries were only for those with wickedly crooked teeth.

Now, dental procedure may be your best chance at getting that million-dollar smile. If you aren’t yet convinced that dental procedures are not things to be afraid of, invites you to take a look at these celebrities who have had some help getting their smiles camera-ready.

Tom Cruise

Tom Cruise is undoubtedly every woman’s leading man, especially with his perfect smile. But he didn’t start out that way. Early on, this Mission Impossible lead star could be seen with misaligned and discoloured teeth. He knew he had to step up his game to become leading man material and years after, he now shows off a fully upgraded set of teeth.

Zac Efron

Young teens always go through an awkward phase and Zac Efron was no different. Before he made girls swoon over the High school Musical franchise, his smile could have caused more negative shrieks than love-struck sighs. Thanks to cosmetic dentistry, this heart-throb is now the complete package with a disarming smile that any girl could swoon for.

George Clooney

Even after years in the industry, George Clooney still remains to be one of the handsomest stars in Hollywood. Like the other stars listed here however, Clooney has had to have his teeth worked on so that they could be the pearly whites they are now. Clooney’s case, however, was not purely for the looks as he had to have dental surgery made because he had a habit of grinding his teeth whenever he was stressed. Cosmetic dentistry solved this and gave him a more dazzling smile as well.

Miley Cyrus

If you watched this star grow up from her days as Miley Cyrus, you would know that she first endeared her way into the heart of her fans with slightly crooked teeth. Now, the Wrecking Ball singer has no issues baring it all as she has a set of perfectly straight teeth thanks dental surgery.

Whether you want to look good or you simply want to have your dental problems fixed, dental implants and surgeries can be your best option.