Air Conditioner Unit in PerthCleaning house is a very basic chore that must not be neglected. To ensure that your house remains tidy, functional, and habitable, cleaning must be scheduled and done regularly. This said, maintaining a checklist for your regular cleaning is always a good way to keep everything consistent.

Now, aside from sweeping the floors, dusting the walls and changing the sheets, there are a few things you should give extra attention to. For many Perth homeowners, here are three things to always keep clean.

The Toilet

The toilet should always be kept tidy and sanitary. The toilet, and the bathroom by extension, is a very personal space in the house. This is where you go to relieve yourself. Keep the bathroom well scrubbed and cleaned. This also extends to the plumbing. Make sure the pipes are not clogged to keep waste fluid flowing out of the house. If encountering difficulties, ask your plumber for help.

The Air Conditioner

If you are one of the blokes who choose to have an AC unit in your home, then you are probably aware of how much power it uses. ACs are heavy-duty cooling appliances that require careful and regular maintenance, according to the experts from All Air Services. At least once a month, take your AC unit out of its carriage and piece it apart. Clean its parts to expel the dirt and dust that have surely deposited within its parts.

An air conditioner with a clogged filter will be under increased strain to keep the air cold. Naturally, straining the AC unit will lead it to siphoning more juice – taking a toll on your electricity bill. It is during cleaning the AC unit that you will also see if it is in need of any repairs. If it does indeed need fixing, call the local AC technicians.

The Kitchen

Perhaps the one section in your home that provides you with your daily sustenance, the kitchen should also be a hot item on your checklist. The importance of a tidy kitchen cannot be understated. This is where you prepare, cook and serve food. Now, if you want the grub you put in your mouth to be clean and sanitary, it follows that you should keep the kitchen clean. This said, always wipe the counter clean, dispose of perishable foodstuff nearing the end of its shelf life.

Depending on your lifestyle of preference, you may or may not add other priority sections on your to-clean checklist. But whatever the case, always keep these three in mind.

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