OverheatingWhen your engine starts to overheat, you could be in big trouble. If you don’t notice it immediately, it could leave you helpless on the side of the road. Worse, it would eventually lead to a costly trip to the mechanic for the necessary repairs.

Moreover, United Fuel Injection says that once the car overheats, it could affect more than just the engine. It could damage the fuel injectors you have installed and a number of other parts, too.

Fortunately, this is a scenario you canavoid – that is, if you know what causes your car to heat up. In most cases, your car overheats because of these:

Coolant Problems

Most of the time, the problem has something to do with your car’s cooling system. It could stem from a leak in the cooling system or simply because of low coolant levels whilst you drive.

Your car could also overheat when you use the wrong coolant. Be sure that you talk to your mechanic about the type of coolant to use in your car. Otherwise, the wrong concentration of coolant or the incorrect mix of the said liquid could heat up your vehicle.

Fan Failure

If your car uses an electric cooling fan, it’s also a possible cause of overheating. There are times when the fan would simply burn out or would not spin at all. In some cases, the radiator fan switch could be what’s heating your car. For older auto models, a broken fan belt is also a possible reason.

Radiator Clogs

Once your car has clocked in a large number of kilometres, the radiator might have gummed up already. If you don’t address this, the clog would stay in place and limit the amount of coolant that reaches the engine. Flush your ride’s radiator on a yearly basis to avoid this.

Thermostat Issues

The thermostat in your car could also be the culprit. This heat-sensitive valve responds to the temperature of your engine, controlling the amount of coolant that passes through the radiator to keep the heat levels at optimal levels. At times, this part malfunctions and stays stuck in the closed position, which lets the coolant stay in the engine and speeds up overheating.

These things cancause your car to overheat. With proper maintenance, it’s possible to avoid any case of overheating altogether. To be sure, visit your mechanic regularly to inspect your car’s condition.