Different home improvement shows and websites never fail to remind homeowners to always check the foundations of their houses before a major renovation or after external forces, such as strong winds or earthquakes, cause damage. Architects and engineers will certainly agree with this.

Outside Image and Popular Mechanics remind property owners that homes with structural integrity don’t only provide aesthetic benefits; it also keeps everyone under its roof safe. Realizing this, you should carry out measures that will prevent your home’s skeleton from collapsing. The information below will help give you a head start on checking your home’s structural integrity and how you can improve it.

Home foundationCheck the Cracks

You might have an impression that small cracks won’t create foundation problems, so you would dismiss the thought of spreading some putty across these nasty fissures. Small cracks can cause more serious damage than you think, though. For one, they can let water in, which can weaken the foundation. They can also serve as hiding places for pests, such as termites, which are notorious for eating away at wooden foundations.

The cracks you need to watch out for are those found on the baselines of your home. The cracks in these areas are often caused by water and poor drainage.

Inspect the External Foundations

Go outside and check the home’s baselines. Poor drainage around the home’s foundations can alter the texture or condition of the soil on which the structure stands. Some laws of soil mechanics dictate that soil may expand if it’s wet or contract if it’s left dehydrated. Either of these conditions may apply pressure on the foundation, which can cause cracks. Water-proof the foundation by fixing the drainage system or digging to create ditches or canals that will prevent water accumulation.

Don’t Forget the Roof

The roofing system is still part of your home’s skeleton. Protect it from water by addressing loose parts as soon as possible. Otherwise, the water may slip through these gaps and eventually rot the roofing foundations. Fix the gutter to make sure that water flows down the roofing system.

One takeaway you have from these tips is that water can destroy almost anything. If you maintain a landscaped garden, make sure to have an efficient irrigation system. Don’t forget the upkeep of your plumbing system, too.

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