Cooking in New ZealandSooner or later, there will be a point in your life where you will need to cook food, whether it’s for your own or for others.

Cooking, they say, is an art. And while not everyone can be good at it, anyone can try their hand at the skill.

So get ready with your gas cooktops, ovens, pots, pans, spices, and ingredients that can be bought in NZ. According to, here’s what you need to know in taking over the kitchen:

Find the Right Inspiration

Cooking shows and published recipes are there for a reason—for people to learn from them. You can cook up some inspiration alone by watching the show of the star chef that you’re most interested in. Try to copy his cooking, or better yet, improvise one of his recipes. Later on, you will find your own personality in cooking. An even better option? Follow those one-minute videos on Facebook on how to cook certain foods.

In doing this, you may want to familiarise yourself with kitchen terminologies as well. It’s important to know what you need to do when you need to sauté, blanch, caramelise, and more.

Arm Yourself with the Right Weapons

The kitchen is a battlefield. Cooking takes a lot of patience, effort, and the right utensils and appliances. That’s why your kitchen should be well-equipped for you to be able to go around it better. Make sure you have the essentials: a stove, an oven, pans, spatulas, chopping boards, processors, knives, and more. Even kitchen counters are important. The less kitchen gears you have, the more limited you will be when it comes to the food that you can cook.

Fill Your Fridge with Love

That means, you should always have enough ingredients stored in your kitchen! Take not though that perishable food should be consumed almost immediately. A friendly tip: when grocery shopping, always take food—poultry, meat, vegetables—that you know you’ll cook within the week.

Cooking is only intimidating at first, especially since there are many dishes that you can come up when you’ve mastered the skill. And since cooking is a skill, it’s an art that you need to practise regularly for you to perfect it.