Medical malpracticeMedical malpractice is a big issue in the US. This is when doctors or health providers are careless and cause injuries or death to patients. Most states require physicians to have medical malpractice insurance so that in case they make a mistake, their patients can get compensation.

It is the same case in Florida. Florida laws, however let some physicians practice without medical malpractice insurance, or practice “bare”. More doctors in the state are not getting insurance because they want to save money by not paying for insurance premiums. This can lead to bigger problems for doctors in the end.

Out-of-Pocket Costs

When a patient suffers injury because the doctor made a mistake, the doctor may be liable for a lawsuit. A doctor with no medical malpractice insurance will have to pay for the economic and non-economic damages as well as legal fees out of his own pocket.

Insurance companies usually take care of all of these for a doctor who has coverage. There is a limit to what a jury can award for things like pain and suffering, but not for their medical expenses. The damages for serious injury or death due to medical malpractice can easily run into millions.

Fewer Patients

No medical malpractice insurance in Florida means fewer patients. This is because most people will not go to a doctor without such coverage. They are afraid that if something goes wrong, they could not get the money to pay for their expenses. This can mean fewer patients for the doctor and less money coming in.

No Hospital Privileges

Bare doctors cannot have staff privileges in hospitals. This means that they cannot use hospitals to treat patients or send them in for tests. This puts many restrictions for a doctor’s practice, and patients will have no choice but to go to another doctor for their hospital needs.

Doctors with no medical malpractice insurance in Florida lose more money than they save. It just does not make practical sense to practice bare in Florida or anywhere else in the US.

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