Dent RemovalPaintless dent removal is a hot topic now among wannabe autobody repair technicians. In fact, when you search online using dent removal as keywords, majority of the results on the first page is about it. Articles especially suggest that if you have the “magic metal touch” or have the patience to learn this skill it may prove profitable in the long run.

Should interested vehicle owners in Perth really spend time to learn this skill? Alternatively, shouldn’t they simply let the expert do the dent removal? Look at the benefits car owners can get from each approach.


A DIY approach is of course cost-effective, especially that this waives the technician’s fees. Car owners will only have to spend time and invest in tools to do the job as professionals do. Money spent on tools will be offset in the long run, as skilled car owners can do occasional and basic autobody repairs including dent and ding removal. There is also a possibility of earning additional income through accepting repair jobs of similar nature.

On the other hand, professional autobody repair jobs are sought obviously for expertise. Technicians hone their skills through practice, training, and experience. Add to it the availability of tools, and knowledge of new approaches, expert repair works make the recommended option for such a need. This goes without saying that the tools these experts used are complementary with modern approaches.

Minor Dents and Dings vs High-Impact Collisions

Consider the scope of repair needed when choosing between the two options. Paintless dent removal Perth auto owners know involves small repair work, and according to experts, they can repair a majority of dent-related problems. Still, PDR repair takes at least two hours to complete the job.

Severe dents on vehicles, however, require more thorough repair techniques than PDR does. Very deep dents, dents near edges, crease in the dent, dents on older or vintage vehicles, and dents with damaged paint all need a more comprehensive repair job.

A DIY dent removal approach is a trial and error process. It may be cost effective, but it also requires time, attention, and money to invest on tools. For urgent, efficient, and accurate results, expert repair technicians are still the go-to professionals.

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