dumb waiterDumbwaiters area popular and common feature in hotels and big restaurants. These mini-elevators are used to transport food from downstairs kitchen to upstairs dining areas. Here are the primary reasons these establishments think it is a must to have one.

Cut Down on Staff

Restaurants need kitchen porters to connect multiple floors or to carry vegetables from the basement storage to the kitchen. Hotels, meanwhile, need people to deliver food to individual rooms for room service. With dumbwaiters, all you need is somebody to load the items and another to take the load off once it gets to its destination.

Smoother Business Operations

Transporting materials between floors can be a big hassle for restaurants and hotels. Folks at A+ Elevators and Lifts say that having a dumbwaiter will help you reap the benefits of automation.

Unlike people, dumbwaiters never stop to catch up with a fellow waiter and never get tired. This means employees can move food, plates, and other essential things without leaving work stations. This allows waiters to deliver orders and stocks on time as well. Simply put, things will run smoothly.

Reduced Number of Accidents

Waiters running up and down the stairs or hurrying to get into lifts pose a danger. What if a waiter trips and spills the meal that your best chef took hours to prepare? With dumbwaiters, you can avoid potential accidents and injuries of lifting heavy plates, carrying full-course meals up and down the stairs, or bending over with heavy loads.

Dumbwaiters will simply cut down on accidents—and cut down on the apologies you need to make to customers.

They make way for smoother business operations, they allow you to cut down on staff, and they help reduce the number of accidents—it’s not difficult to see why dumbwaiters have been a smart way to keep business establishments, especially hotels and restaurants, in order.

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