Vinyl WindowNow that you’ve got your new vinyl windows installed, it is important that you care for them the proper way to help you save time and money on repairs. You should take some time out every year to clean and examine your windows for cracks or other types of damage.

Aside from being highly resistant to moisture, another great thing about a vinyl window, Ogden residents attest, is that it is not painted. Because of this, you don’t have to worry about the coating peeling off in the long run. While the vinyl frame is virtually maintenance-free, you can follow these easy maintenance routine for your other window components to ensure that they’ll always perform as if they were installed just yesterday.

1. Regularly examine exterior caulking surrounding your vinyl windows and replace when needed with good quality caulk appropriate for your window. 2. Use your handy vacuum cleaner to help remove debris from windowsills and so that water will flow outside effortlessly and not get stuck in the sills. 3. Make sure to inspect weather stripping surrounding windows to ensure that the seals are all in place and when needed, repair immediately. 4. Use tiny brushes to clean off debris from weep holes so that water will flow outside without difficulty. 5. Make sure to always maintain appropriate levels of humidity to avoid condensation and mold from growing around your vinyl window. 6. When you notice your windows getting wet, check for possible moisture sources surrounding your vinyl windows and address issues immediately when necessary. In the meantime, you can use fans, hair dryers, or dehumidifiers to help dry the wet sections and avoid further damage. 7. Use lubricants that are silicone-based for lubricating all rollers, tracks, and other hardware parts once a year to prevent corrosion. 8. If your home is by the sea or regularly blown with salty air, perform maintenance at least four times a year.

Proper vinyl window inspection and maintenance requires dedication to preserve your windows’ performance, flawless operation, and of course, the warranty. On top of it all, don’t forget – properly maintained windows will also help significantly in reducing your energy bills, so make sure to schedule your yearly window maintenance routine.

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