RoofRoofs help stand between you and Australia’s harsh weather. Thus, occasional maintenance becomes necessary to extend your roof’s lifespan and prevent costs for heavy repairs. Here are simple ways to make your roof last longer:

Replace the cracks

Tiled roofs tend to break after a while. If you see cracks in some of your roofs’ tiles, better replace them immediately. Cracks may grow and allow water to leak inside the house if left alone. Ask for help from specialists in roof repairs in Newcastle if the cracks and holes are too severe for you to handle.

Remove trees

If trees surround your house, you may have to remove them or cut their branches so they don’t reach the roofs. Trees destroy your roof especially the tiles and shingles. Put enough distance between your house and the greenery to prevent frequent maintenance.

Check for leaks

Leaks may result in the early decline of your roof. Look for areas that have discoloration and fix them before rains and storms come. Fix the roof flashings, as well. These things are not so tough and they are prone to wear and tear.

Clean the gutters and downspouts

Roofs accumulate moisture, which speeds up their deterioration. Gutters and downspouts isolate and remove the water stuck in the roof. Clean them occasionally to allow water to flow away from the roof. You’ll save yourself from the hassle and expense of serious roof repairs this way.

Sweep the surface

Clean your roof’s surface from time to time. Apart from the dirt, get rid of algae and leaves since they accumulate water. Remove the moulds, moss and lichen, as these cause tiles to flake or crack quickly. Keep your cleaning light and easy, though. Power cleaning may damage your roof, as well.

Install air vents

Roofs need proper ventilation to last long. Daily domestic activities tend to create more moisture, which leads to corrosion and mould build-up in your roof. Add that with the heat from outside and your home’s covering will decay quickly. Install air vents to keep it from happening.

Occasional maintenance will not only help your roof last longer, but keep you from spending more for serious repairs and keep your family safe from the elements, as well. It is better to maintain it now than wait for consequences to happen.

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