Sleeping PillowIt is easy to find the pillow that suits you if you do not have to consider your neck pain. But an estimated 20% or 42 million American adults have reported pain or physical discomfort that disrupts their sleep.

What Keeps America Awake

A recent nationwide survey by the National Institute of Health Statistics found that neck pain is the second among the chronic pains experienced by many people. It is as common as migraine or headache, whereas low back pain is the most commonly reported condition for 27% of the respondents.

A good night’s sleep for anyone suffering from neck pain may come from the pillow. Here are the factors you should consider when choosing a pillow:

Pillow Size

The size depends on the comfort of the neck. Your height and weight are the primary considerations for this. The bigger you are the bigger your pillow should be.

Pillow Fillings

We are acquainted with the traditional down or feather pillows, and this is a good old choice because you can adjust the stuff inside to shape it to your comfort. The downside may be is if you have feather allergies.

A latex pillow gives better support with its springiness. The firmness of the latex puts just the right amount of resistance to the weight of the head without pushing the neck. Another good thing about latex foam is it does not turn soggy in a short time.

Sleep position

There are different sleeping positions and depending on which part of your head or neck will receive the pressure, you will need to choose your pillow.

• People who sleep on their back needs thinner pillows, so your head will not strain far forward. You may also look for a pillow with extra loft at the bottom third to cradle your neck.

• Side sleepers need a firmer pillow to fill the distance between the ear and the outside shoulder and arms. It should be able to support your neck up to your nape and cheeks.

• Experts will not advise you to sleep on your stomach, but stomach sleepers may use a very thin almost flat pillow so as not to strain your neck the wrong way. Others may not even need the pillow on their face but can tuck it under their stomach to avoid lower back pain.

The pillow is an important factor in achieving a restful sleep. By choosing the right pillow, you can ignore your neck pain and sleep peacefully.

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