With wooden or aluminum picture frames hanging on the walls, pictures and family portraits depict a sense of belongingness and a strength of your family’s bond. As an ongoing tradition, most households prepare for their family photography every year. They enjoy each other’s company while professional photographers take candid and planned shots.

For your family portrait to get better each year, you need to plot your schedules carefully. Here are a few tips on preparing for your family’s photography session:

Big family1. Coordinate the schedule of every member of the family.

According to industry veteran jaylynnstudios.com, the first thing that should be arranged is the schedule of the family and the day of the shoot. Coordinate the available dates and the suitable time for either indoor or outdoor shoots. Make sure that no event will get in the way of the tradition. Check if the weather will most likely cooperate. If you prefer, you can also arrange the shoot during summer or winter for added style and feeling.

2. Choose the right location.

Central parks are the preferred places in family photography. Go beyond the usual places, and choose locations that have become memorable for the family—their barns, beach houses and even their favorite candy shop. Child photography is a challenging task, so choose locations where they can play while the photographer takes photos. With familiar locations, the family would not feel that they are posing and laughing for the cameras. The natural joy and connections would just freely come out of the shoot.

3. Plan your poses and clothes.

Get inspiration from the Web or browse through portfolios of photography studios. Make sure that the props, poses and clothes reflect your character and personality. Let your love and family connection flow through your photos, and radiate a relaxed feeling.

Enhance your family’s photo shoots by careful planning. Create a backup plan for emergencies and unexpected events. Apart from the preparation, make sure the whole family enjoys the photography session, making the yearly tradition a blast.

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