SubdivisionPlanning a subdivision is a major undertaking and investment. In Brisbane, contractors and developers need to follow processes and meet a range of requirements when subdividing land.

Here are some frequently asked questions on subdivisions:

What process should I follow to receive an approval for a one into two subdivisions?

Under Schedule 18 of the Sustainable Planning Regulation, you need to undergo a compliance assessment process for one into two subdivisions in industrial and residential zones. This provision applies only to Character Residential, Low-Density, Low-medium Density Residential, High Density Residential and Medium Density Residential areas. You also need compliance assessment when developing on a General Industry, Light Industry, Future Industry and Extractive Industry area.

Can I create a lot as small as 350 square metres to retain a shed or outbuilding under the subdivision Code?

The subdivision code only allows you to retain houses, not outbuildings, sheds or carports. When retaining a house, it should be on the larger allotment. The code helps developers retain existing properties that are too large for a standard small lot. According to McFadyen Group, you can have new lots as small as 350 square metres, but not existing ones.

What process do I need to follow when subdividing and creating lots smaller than 10 hectares on an Environmental Protection Area or rural land?

You need to apply for Impact Assessable Generally Inappropriate Development. All projects under this category will be evaluated using the City Plan. In your proposal, you need to show that there is an economic, social or environmental need to develop in this area and that no other areas will be able to meet these needs.

Can subdivisions be staged?

Yes. During your application, you need to show each stage of the development. Once you meet all the requirements, you will receive the initial approval for the overall subdivision plan. The government will assess your proposal to make sure that drainages, basic services and roads will function properly at any stage of the project.

It’s challenging to develop a subdivision, especially on an environmental Protection Area.  Avoid problems and unnecessary headaches by meeting all the requirements and following the right application processes.