garageSpace-saving rooms are popular because they’re efficient. But, maximizing your square footage is not limited to your house’s important rooms. You can also use your garage space wisely and extend its use to more than just your precious car.

Here are several ideas on how to upgrade your garage.

Small Business

Your garage can be your friend if you want another source of income. Do you remember those discount items you bought last year? Instead of letting those kitchen appliances, old books, or toilet surplus rot in your attic, you can clean them up again, set them up on your garage, and sell them at low prices. That’s why there’s a garage sale, right? You can also sell lemonade, cookies, or any food in season in your tiny garage.

Personal Studio

Creative expression often calls for peace and quiet. When you are too distracted when your children are playing in the living room and your husband is snoring in your bed, you need your own room for your personal growth. You can convert a nook in your garage and turn it into a writing room or an arts and crafts corner. You can set up your guitar or drum set there, too, or even pull up an old table and chair and have your little home office away from the noise.

Spare Bedroom

You never know when guests will come over for a holiday weekend. If you do not have a guest room, you can convert your old garage into one. If your garage is small, you may build a loft where your relatives or friends can comfortably rest their tired bones. Sleeping in the garage may sound uncomfortable, but it can be fun if you design and build a cozy bedroom up there.

Extra Storage

Of course, if you want your garage to stay as your trusted car home, you can just use one wall space for extra storage. Excellent garage storage systems allow you to maximize your garage space for both your car and your miscellaneous appliances. You can have shelves for your carpentry tools, your kids’ toys, or your car care kit. A lot of homeowners in the country do this so you may ask your neighbors for garage storage tips.

Upgrading your garage can be as simple as a general cleaning weekend or as costly as a kitchen remodeling project. If you want to use all the space in your garage, consult a building expert to plan your ideas and execute your preferences.