Car towWhen hiring breakdown towing services, you must always look for licensed tow companies. You can always search for a proof of licence to make sure a towing firm is approved by the authorities.

If you got services from an unlicensed company, chances are you may not able to get your money back if you’ve been ripped off., a company that offers breakdown towing services, shares the following information:

Verify the Authenticity of the Towing Services

• Before you allow a private tow to hook your car, check the driver’s side of the vehicle to ask for legitimate documents and relevant information.

• Ask for the company’s name, address, phone number and licence proof. You may also ask for the driver’s name and his immediate supervisor’s contact details.

• Every tow truck driver must also carry his or her licence at all times. If the private company cannot provide you with a proof that they’re licensed, you should inform the relevant authorities as soon as possible before they take away your vehicle.

Sign the Proper Documents

• Always read the terms and conditions in the forms carefully before signing them. By checking the content of the forms you sign, you can be protected from fraudulent activities.

• Sign only an authorisation to tow form or a towing bill receipt officially issued by the licensed towing firm. Take note that you’re not required to sign an authorisation to repair form in order to get your car towed.

• Signing a designated representative form means you are designating the towing company to represent your interests with the insurance company. Just like the authorisation to repair form, you are also not required to sign the designated representative form. No matter how dire the situation might seem, get the details in writing and never sign a blank form.

Remembering these tips will make sure you know what you should look for when hiring a breakdown towing services company in case you get into an accident or run into some issues on the street.