selling real estate propertyProperty letting is a lucrative sector in property investment. More and more people are venturing into this enterprise, as the odds of getting extra income and expanding the investment portfolio is generally favourable.

Letting is a Promising Investment, a service estate agency that has been in the business for 30years, observed that in the past two decades, many landowners have converted their houses into accommodation business.

In June 2014, the Valuation Office Agency of UK released statistics regarding private rental market in England. Regional median rent in London reached as high as £1300, and the lowest is in North East at £450. The overall median rent in England is £595. The demand for accommodations and long-term residences has been a result of the tourism promotion as well as the general amiable living conditions in the entire UK.

Apparently, property owners have taken advantage of the passive income coming from the monthly rent. Unlike stocks, bonds and trades, rents do not require personal supervision and effort to maintain. Best of all, it is one commodity everyone will always be in need of.

Trade Shortcuts

Not everyone has the time to manage their business. Letting agents or estate agents are the ones who manage in a residential place on behalf of the property owner. They carry out the agreements between the landlord and the tenant or the contract.

Owners find it more convenient to hire agents who will oversee their properties for them, and only receive payments on a monthly or yearly basis. In this regards, letting service companies are taking care of the renting business, allowing owners to spend their time at their own discretion.

Responsibilities of Landowners

On one side, renting out a property, of course, is equally filled with financial responsibilities, especially for the landlord. Basic obligations like providing clear, mutually beneficial and legal contract, and maintaining the living conditions area must in securing permission to operate.

As we said above, this sector will continue to see an increase in demand and income. Renting out a property will prove to be a beneficial enterprise if the landlord knows how to get about with the trade.

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