house colorColour can have a big impact in a person’s mood. In a home, it’s more than a choice for paint, furniture, and decor. It’s something that can have an effect on one’s senses, allowing them to feel a variety of emotions.

The right hue in the right room, for example, can make you feel relaxed and at peace. Meanwhile, when a colour is not right for a particular space, it can be a distraction, even a source of irritation.

If you’ve been feeling a little bit too stressed for comfort, it may be high time to rethink the hues in your home. Here are a few easy ways you can calm your home with colour.

1. Fight the Bright

Bold colours are not bad for homes; they keep you happy and optimistic. If, however, you are feeling a bit stressed or uneasy in a room that is supposed to make you happy, you may want to neutralise the bright hues.

Pair up bold shades such as canary yellows and limes with soft creams and beiges. This will open up the space, give it a more spacious feel, and will give off a dream-like ambience with hints of cheer.

2. Go Easy on the Bed and Bath

The bedroom and the bathroom are two of the most intimate spaces in a house. They should therefore be the most relaxing and inviting. Local painting companies, such as, can make this happen.

Keep strong shades such as tomato red away from these rooms, as these will constantly keep you stimulated. Try a few muted hues instead, which provide little colour, but still allows you to rest a little. Throw in a few aromatic candles and you are all set for an evening of peace and relaxation.

3. Blues to Deal with the Blues

Blue is one of the best colours in an erratic space, as it is both calming and serene. Use it in your interiors to give off that soothing beachside effect or that memorable time at a countryside retreat.

4. Get Down to Earth

Natural landscapes are always a great view for relaxing. Get the same effect in your home by putting external elements indoors with a few natural, earthy tones. Cream, taupe, and sage are a few good options. Mix these into your interiors through decor and accents.

The home is supposed to be a place where you can relax and de-stress. Play around with the colours, find the right combinations, and you will be relaxed before you know it.

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