company airconditionerAir conditioning is pretty much a non-negotiable requirement in offices. Employees tend to become very unproductive when they are on the verge of suffering from heat strokes, so the expenses of keeping your building cool are unavoidable.

This doesn’t mean you have to put up with an unreasonably high energy bill. Through some simple cost saving solutions, you can minimise the cost of climate control in your business.

  1. Seal any leaks – Spaces where the air can leak out, such as the cracks around doors and windows, greatly reduce the efficiency of your system. Inspect your office for these and seal them with caulking when possible. Energy audits from licensed professionals will help you with these leaks and other problems with your energy efficiency.
  1. Implement regular maintenance – Your building’s HVAC system is a major investment, so it is only natural to keep it well maintained. Commercial air conditioning maintenance from and other providers can improve your unit’s lifespan and prevent sudden breakdowns.

Many air conditioning issues are not easily visible, and only become obvious when it’s too late. Regular tune ups can detect any minor problems that are making it harder for your system to do its job, boosting the overall efficiency.

  1. Consider replacing – If your current system is old, energy inefficient, and breaks down far too often, it is a good idea to simply replace it with a newer model. This might cause a bit more upfront, but the savings over the following months and years will more than make up for it.
  1. Clean the ducts – Dirt build-ups and other obstructions in your ducts restrict the flow of air, making the system less efficient. Like maintenance, regular duct cleaning can prevent your air conditioner from working harder than it actually has to.
  1. Reduce demand – Anything you can do to reduce the need for cooling will help lower the company’s energy bill. Tint windows, paint the roof white, and use curtains to block sunlight during the hottest hours of the day.

Although air conditioning is a necessary expense for most businesses, there is no reason to pay more than you need to. Keep these tips in mind to help your office stay cool on a budget.

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