internetAdvances in technology lead businesses to new heights, but not everyone is lucky enough to access it. The Internet, for instance, has become one of life’s essentials since it connects people around the world. The problem is that many places are still lagging behind.

Hamadoun Toure, Broadband Commission for Digital Development co-vice chair, agreed that the Internet is the key to social and economic development. It should be a priority, even in underprivileged nations worldwide.

Internet in South Africa

Internet access is no longer a luxury in South Africa. According to technology research organisation Wide World Worx, the number of Internet users finally reached the eight million mark in 2012. As expected, the younger generation aged 15 to 24 are using it more due to smartphones, tablets, and other mobile devicesentering the market.

About 60% of Africa’s traffic is coming from South African businesses. In fact, 14 million of the adult population are now accessing the Internet at work every day. This is good news, as it signifies that small to large companies are trying to improve their operations.

Business Connectivity

Companies under the Internet Service Providers’ Association (ISPA) such as added that technologies like this make a huge difference in how businesses operate. It doesn’t only speed up their processes, but also gives flexible ways to perform tasks and save time and money.

The International Telecommunication Union (ITU) presented a survey showing that small, medium, and micro enterprise (SMME) uses the Internet to help improve their operations. In fact, about half of them stated that they need it primarily for sending e-mails and using online banking services. They’re seeking high-speed connections instead of settling for the traditional dial-up modem access.

Internet connectivity in South Africa may not be as impressive compared to developed countries, but they’re slowly catching up. For businesses to remain competitive, it might be time to start using innovative and reliable technology.