Buying a Diamond RingOnce you found “the one” and feel that she wants to make you her last man, you should put a ring on that. You should head down the local jewelry store before she bumps her head and starts getting annoyed at your foibles and quirks. You look for the most exquisite piece she would proudly boast in front of her friends — and the rest of the world. After all, you just want the finest diamond engagement ring your money could buy for your future fiancée.

But speaking of the best, you might want to reconsider your trip to the jewelry store. Your girlfriend might have pictured a different scenario, but visiting a pawnshop instead might be a better plan. You can’t only pawn diamond jewelry and get a loan at this place, it also offers a wide selection of stunning engagement rings to die for.

While it may be untraditional or unromantic for some, pawnbrokers might give more meaning to your proposal in many ways:

Get More Value

At jewelry stores, you might find a lovely ring for your girl; at pawnshops, you might find a lovely ring with a bigger rock for your girl. Between the two, the latter certainly gives you more bang for your buck.

If you feel your lady wouldn’t mind its source, the pawnshop is a great destination to buy a pretty engagement ring with a decent-sized diamond at discounted prices.

Before pawnbrokers even took ownership of their diamond rings, they’ve already figured out the competitive pricing for them. As many consider pawnshops the less glamorous compared to jewelry stores, expect the price to be on their side.

Create a Custom Piece

If you find the rock you want but prefers it in a different setting, some pawnbrokers might agree to put it in another ring. Many pawnshops offer this kind of flexibility to make pre-loved engagement rings a bit more personal and special for the next owner. It may cost a little more, but a custom piece is sure worth the extra dollars.

Ease the Demand for New Diamond

The diamond industry is infamous of its ruthless labor practices. The status quo may have turned for the better now, but most people still consider the current methods rather cruel.

In your own little way, you can help reduce the demand for new diamonds to be extracted from the earth. You may think your action wouldn’t make a huge difference, but change has got to start somewhere. Consider your purchase as an act of protest against such callousness.

To keep things into perspective, an engagement ring is an engagement ring. You may not buy it from the grandest of jewelry stores, your desire to make her the happiest girl in the world matters.

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