thinkingWhen a non-practitioner looks at a yogi demonstrating the various poses and stretches that they use for their exercises, they’ll see nothing more than a person stretching various parts of their body. This is a form of yoga known as Asana, the physical postures that help tone the body. But, while Asana is the most widely practiced form of yoga, there’s more to it than the physical.

Stop Moving

There are several other aspects of yoga that involve a person’s mental and spiritual faculties, such as the drishti, which helps focus the gaze and settle the mind. Representatives from the Vagabond Temple explain the technique allows the yogi to fix their gaze on a single point to avoid visual stimuli, and other distracting thoughts. Drishti is just one of the simpler ways yoga can help people clear their mind, as well as exercise the body.

Yoga has always been famous for its ability to heal, and bring people peace of mind, but the details of how this is done have always been a bit blurry to non-practitioners. In order for people to understand the healing power of yoga, they’ll first need to accept the reality that the body accumulates stress and breaks down through the day.

Stop Thinking

Sitting in traffic, stressing in the office are all experiences that overstimulate the senses, making people feel more exhausted and spent. Practicing both the mental and physical aspects of yoga, lower the blood pressure and allow the blood to move freely throughout the body. When this happens, the body can shift its focus from keeping the various systems alert, and instead put all its effort into repairing the damage it suffered.

The practices that enable a yogi to do this are breathing meditation exercises known as pranayama. These exercises make the practitioner focus on their breathing and nothing else, this allows them to ease the fluctuations of the mind and keep people from thinking about anything else. Pranayama is useful for people have a tendency to overthink and stress about the past day, or the next.

Mental stress is often more damaging than physical ones, and last longer. Clear the mind and calm down by not thinking about anything, and everything will feel better.

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