carpet cleaningCarpets are more than just additional décor for your interiors. These increase the level of comfort and ambiance in homes. These also provide additional protection when people slip, trip, and fall — all thanks to their cushioning effects

While carpets offer these benefits, they can be just as health threatening if not cleaned and maintained properly. This is why recommends regular Highland carpet cleaning to avoid these problems.

Here are three facts that will make you want to send your carpets to the cleaners:

1. Insects and Pests Live in Dirty Rugs and Carpets

Dust mites thrive in warm environments. Carpets give them what they need to survive, including their sources of nourishment – dirt and dead skin cells from humans and animals. If you fail to maintain the cleanliness of your carpets, you’re giving dust mites free reign of your space. Apart from dust mites, fleas also live in filthy carpets. These pests can cause problems if you have pets around the house.

2. Carpets Collect Dirt, Soil, and Dust

Pounds and pounds of soil accumulate in and under carpeting. Apart from soil, dirt, dead skin flakes, and animal shedding also nestle on your carpets. Delaying carpet cleaning will only make your flooring the home of dirt and bacteria, which could bring more problems to your home.

3. Dirty Carpets Contaminate the Air Inside Your Home

Every time that you walk on dirty carpets, you are spreading the bacteria that have accumulated on the rug all over your home. This releases the bacteria into the air, which may result in potential health problems – especially among people who have asthma and skin allergy.

When was the last time you vacuumed your carpets or had them professionally cleaned? If it was eons ago, you need to act now. A dirty carpet won’t do you any good; it will only be an eyesore for your interiors.

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