Exercising using trampolineA hamburger with cheese and four strips of bacon, a bag of Doritos, a box of pizza, and the entire couch all to yourself—the perfect formula for obesity.

According to Better Health Channel, the number of obese and overweight kids in Australia has doubled in the last few years. The figures continue to increase at an alarming rate. The 2007-2008 Australian National Children’s Nutrition and Physical Activity Survey shows that one in four children ranging in age from 5 to 17 are overweight or obese.

Because of these alarming statistics, the government urges parents to start encouraging kids to make lifestyle changes. Regular physical activity is an important part of preventing various health problems.

One of the fitness trends experts believe to be effective in helping fight child obesity is rebounding. Children’s exercise physiologists say that the trampoline park trend could be far more than jumps and laughs, it could also prevent obesity and improve the over-all health of kids.

Importance of Play in Exercise

The common problem parents face with obese children is encouraging them get off the couch and start a fitness routine. Some succeed in the first step, but over time, the kids get bored and they tend to quit doing the exercise.

Fitness experts from Bounce say that when it comes to exercise programs for obese kids, the secret is to make the exercise fun. This is why trampolining is great for kids. They do not see it as a dreadful exercise; they think about it as a form of play. They jump for hours without realising that they have burned almost 900 calories.

Trampolining also helps kids improve cardiovascular fitness, strengthens bones and minimises the risk developing high blood pressure.

A Bounce of Prevention

Although trampolining has many benefits, like any other exercise, there are risks involved. This is why it is important for parents to observe safety rules when buying trampolines for use at home. Most fitness experts recommend going to trampoline parks as these centres implement strict safety precautions. Parks require protective gear for kids and provide safe trampoline structures. Some also initiate classes and fitness programs that will help kids stay fit the safe way.

Encourage your kids to be fit and healthy by trying rebounding. You may want to join in and have the best fitness bonding with your children.

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