Working AreaOffice owners and managers are preoccupied with so many concerns in running a business – making profits, employee satisfaction, increasing productivity, etc. That is why seldom they give attention to seemingly minor details, such as office space design. Usually, it’s only for aesthetic and function purposes.

Unknown to many, however, office design affects employees’ productivity, thoughts and health. It has a direct and significant influence on them because they are the occupants and the main users of the space. Some of the key factors that company owners should look into when designing office spaces are the following:

• Open layout offices – In a research by Knoll Workplace Research that looked into closed versus open office space designs in relation to human behaviour and performance, they found that open layout of offices resulted in increased employee communication and job satisfaction. While there are some employees who are not quite comfortable with these (they should be given consideration by integrating semi-cubicles where there are fewer distractions), the open-space setup has been found to increase communication and interaction between employees, as they can easily see each other.

• Go green. Maximise natural daylight. Bring in greens such as plants and flowers to provide a feel of nature in your office environment. Some even put up simulated waterfalls to provide a relaxing atmosphere and change of scenery. Greens refresh tired eyes, especially after spending long hours in front of the computer. They also create a healthier air inside cramped office environments. Nature scenery, in general, soothes the mind and body and promotes productivity.

• Choose the right colours. Colours are a great influence on a person’s mood, and this should be of valuable consideration in the workplace. Of course, when employees are in a good mood, it improves their productivity. Experts say that green is a good choice for office spaces, as it promotes mental balance. Yellow promotes mental stimulation while red brings out aggressiveness and may easily create tensions.

Office design is a vital factor to the success of your employees’ performance. Plan carefully and consider the line of work carried out in each department, the company’s culture and employee interaction to come up with the most beneficial office set up.

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