KitchenDesigning a room is very similar to cooking a meal; it is all about taking different ingredients and combining them in a way that allows each to contribute something to the final product. What better room to make this cooking analogy more relevant than in the kitchen? This room has the most elements going into it in terms of appliances, and offers more flexibility in its design and construction.

Playing with Kitchen Ingredients

Kitchen fitters have many options at their disposal, which allows them to play around with each component of a kitchen to match what a client wants for the final look. For example, a homeowner wants to make their space look bigger than it actually is; a fitter can install bigger windows, and arrange the floor tiles diagonally. Both techniques force the eye to move in a certain direction, and create the illusion of space.

Requests can be very general, similar to the above example, or they can go in the opposite direction and be extremely specific. Clients who make specific requests often have a theme in mind, and fitters need to conform to that theme as much as possible, in addition to making the room as beautiful as it can be. These kinds of requests are a bit trickier than the general ones, since it does not allow much room for error, but they do provide a good opportunity to exceed expectations.

Taking on Themes

The best way to take on a theme kitchen is to expand the options for each of the different elements of the kitchen. This means breaking everything down into individual parts and finding the best solution for each one by one. Appliances, cabinets, tiles, counter-tops, so on and so forth need their respective place in the limelight if the kitchen has any hope of coming together as a cohesive room.

Overall, the theme kitchen is a chance for designers and fitters to exercise their creativity, because it sets clear limits on what they can do to the room. Having to go out of the box has never been a bad idea when it comes to design, and people often get the best results out of the exercise.

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