street wearStreet style for men has transformed over the years. It’s not always about looking too “loose,” and yet it’s not too dressy despite the many appearances of sartorial look books for inspiration. It’s become more eclectic —a healthy combination of casual and smart.

There are times, however, when guys, especially those who aren’t inclined to fashion, will find the concept of street style hard to grasp. You need not worry if you believe you’re one of those lads. Brands in the UK, such as ONLY NY, have selections of clothing pieces that make street style easy and smart-looking at the same time. Moreover, there are many resources that provide some fashion tips for male, and this article is one of them.

A for (Less) Effort

Keep in mind that you’re hitting the streets, so do your best not to look like you’ve spent hours arranging that anorak with a scarf. Your sense of fashion here should revolve around comfort, but make sure there’s some hip that comes with it.

What’s Your Fit?

Before, street style is all about loose shirts and baggy trousers. As discussed, the style has fused itself with smartness. And nothing looks smarter than a well-fitted shirt or a pair of trimmed and comfortable trousers. When you shop for clothes, always put size and fit on top of your list.

The Layers

Layering is an art every man should learn. The basics of dressing in layers include colours and materials coordination. Your base layer, which is your shirt, should complement the colour or pattern of your outer layer, which may include sweatshirts, cardigans, or anoraks. When it comes to materials, the base layer should always be thinner than the outer layer.

‘Step’ Up!

Step up your shoe game. What you wear on your feet is important, as it pulls everything you wear together. Go for white trusty sneakers or plimsoll shoes. If you want to add some dapper appeal, wear brogues or loafers.

These are only some of the tips every lad should keep in mind if he wants to nail that smart street style. If you want to get inspired, browse through online look books that will help you develop your own style.

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