BlazerSchool uniforms are perhaps one of the most overused items of clothing, given how they are worn daily for most of the year. This is why most uniforms show signs of wear even if it has only been a few months after school has started. Good thing there are ways to keep them clean and in good condition for a long time.

Uniforms in Australia use a variety of fabrics and materials, and top school clothing manufacturers say each one has specific laundry care needs. Make these items last throughout the school year and beyond by following these pointers on proper washing:

Cotton School Shirts

Fabrics like cotton have a tendency to shrink, so be careful when washing them in warm water. It is better to wash cotton school shirts in cold water. If you have to wash them in hot or warm water, however, make sure the machine is set to gentle cycle. Do not bleach the shirts and let them drip in dry shade.

Polyester / Rayon Dresses and Skirts

Make sure to fasten the zips when washing dresses and skirts. Do not spray starch, and always go for a gentle machine wash, especially if they are made from polyester. It is also best to have them dry-cleaned twice or thrice throughout the school year to maintain the sharpness of the pleats.

Cotton Shorts and Trousers

Always wash cotton shorts and trousers separately. Many choose to machine wash in cold water to prevent shrinking. When hanging these items out to dry, make sure to turn the garments inside out.


There is only recommended laundry care option when it comes to blazers. Whether they are made from polyester or wool, blazers will require dry cleaning to maintain their sharpness and prevent them from losing form. Bring these pieces to reliable dry cleaners to ensure a thorough cleaning.

You can make school wear last longer and look new throughout the school year with the right laundry measures. Be sure to check the laundry guide to avoid stretching or shrinking the uniforms.

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